Day 188..#Dentist Saga II

I left my apartment at 14:10, and headed to my appointment.

It was at 14:30.

I got there and talked a little with the receptionist before seating myself in the waiting area to watch Legally Blonde.

A few moments later, she took me downstairs to take an x-ray of my mouth to see how the implant had healed..or not healed..but it was just to get a general picture of what it looked like.

The dentist showed up a little late as he was coming from surgery at the local hospital and it ran over.

That was fine.

I was not scared.

It was just a check-up.

I was ushered into the room..

My favourite room I declared as I waltz in..I could feel panic building, but it was just a check-up.

I removed my bag and sunglasses and placed them on the chair in the corner of the room and sat down in the dentist chair.

It was just a check-up.

The dentist came through and told me my implant looked good.

I told him it looked dodgy.

Anyway, he lowered the chair and then raised it and looked in my mouth..umming and ahhing as he did so.

I have a nervous laugh. Today..I was laughing a lot. I even asked one of the nurses to save me. Twice.

He picked something up and was holding it..I looked at his hand and screamed. Yes. I actually screamed.

“It’s anaesthesia!” he said laughing..

“Why do I need that?!” I asked..

He gave me two shots of anaesthesia in my gum and proceeded to cut off a little of my gum to expose the implant. He then got a little interdental wedge (I think it was called that..I’m not sure) and showed it to me. It looked sharp. I retracted immediately and closed my eyes.

I actually couldn’t feel anything because of the anaesthesia, but the sounds were enough. I was so trying not to freak out I did so mentally.

About 10 (or so) minutes later, everything was complete. Then he told me I have to come back next week Friday to do my impression for the tooth..on Friday 13th..I’m not superstitious..but that made me laugh..ha..really?!

Anyway..I left and started walking home..

Before I left, I asked him if when the anaesthesia wore off it would hurt seeming as he cut off a piece of my gum and stuck a wedge into the gap..he said it shouldn’t..but if it did, I still had my SOS I should feel free to take it.

I’ve been at home for an hour and a bit..and so far I have only felt a twinge of pain..however my cheek is still kinda still a little we’ll see..

At least I’m not drooling this time.

And yes.

The dentist still sends me into panic mode.

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 6, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 188..#Dentist Saga II”

  1. nice how he got the numbing medicine in his hand before……….you had the chance to figure out what was going on……….clever, sneaky, dentisit!!! lol

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  3. […] Day 188..#Dentist Saga II ( […]

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