Day 195..#Dentist Saga III

I went for my appointment today to get the impressions taken for my tooth.

Before I’d even sat down, the dentist said that I shouldn’t worry, that today I shouldn’t expect to experience any pain.

I mentally thanked God!

I sat down and took  my glasses off..asking the aide if I could see all the instruments the dentist was going to use..I don’t know why. The instruments were all sharp-looking *shudders*

The dentist came in and we got started.

He unscrewed the metal wedge that he’d placed in my gum last week, replaced it with another screw and took an x-ray of my tooth.

A few seconds later the image was displayed on the screen in front of me.

“That’s your implant” he said.

I put my glasses on to have a was weird. Then he said he would explain to me what is what when we finished.

I said I should take pictures of my x-ray for my blog and he said he would forward the pictures to me! Yay! The images were are a bit strange-looking though!

So then, he prepared the metal mouth guard that he would use to make the impression on the top half of my teeth. He brought it over, covered in green paste, put the guard in my mouth and asked me to close and waited for it to harden. He did the same for the bottom half of my teeth but the paste was pink and didn’t stay in my mouth for quite as long.

Afterwards, he got another white paste and put it on the rim of the bottom of my teeth and told me to bite down.

After that, we were done. No pain, no anything..and I have my final appointment for next week Friday to have the tooth finally fitted..fingers crossed!

This is what my impression was like..not as messy..and it was green!
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~ by originalapplejunkie on July 13, 2012.

7 Responses to “Day 195..#Dentist Saga III”

  1. it’s a love hate relationship with dentists. I have to take 2 wisdom teeth out and I’m really dreading it 😦

  2. You must be excited to have this journey almost over with!

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