Worship Wednesdays #11: No Music

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I mean I say that but today I have no music to share.
It certainly hasn’t been a great day. I have been sad and it has been emotional.
Nothing terrible happened per say but then neither did anything great..or even good.
Music is usually my remedy but today it was lost on me.. My mind waning on other things. My faith is low. Hope is almost non-existent and my smile hidden.
It has not been a great day. I know I’ve already said that but repetition emphasises my point.
Today I tried to drown out my thoughts.. It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped and so I ended up listening to the noise of my thoughts.. The rest of my world silent..
Today there is no music and that’s okay. It will start again.. Hopefully some time soon..

A Week in Review: #21

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Yesterday feels like it happened so long ago..
I woke up at 5:15 as I do everyday and couldn’t get back to sleep.. So I just lay there. I was due to meet a friend at 8:15 so we could get the train to Leeds to go shopping so I cleaned my room and waited.. Anyway, we got to Leeds just as it opened at 9am and grabbed breakfast (again.. I’d eaten when I got up earlier) before hitting the shops! We shopped all the way until 2pm before we headed back and I got on the train to London. It was a relaxed weekend and now I am on the way back home from an amazing event called Vocals & Verses: The Prelude. It was a nice night of acoustic sets, spoken word and ah-mazing singers..
I am content in myself for now.. How was your weekend?


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Today I have chosen a fast and upbeat song!

Everyone should have their own personal cheerleader.. Someone who keeps them upbeat and encourages them when times get tough.. Fighting in their corner..

Anyway.. This isn’t a sad song.. It is actually upbeat and fun!

It came on the radio last week and everyone got up to have a dance.. I really do like the beat – this is the remixed version.. The original is slower and much more relaxed.. My personality draws me to this version and now I share it with you.. I think the trumpet makes the song..


A Week in Review: #20

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Did I tell you I was moving?

I can’t remember how much, if anything; I told you about my housing situation so I’ll give you a quick overview :) Moved into the apartment I am in now a year ago at the end of this month. It is a two-bed so I moved in with someone who I used to work with. Things happened, we fell out and now we’re going our own separate ways. I have found an apartment, but the only issue is that it is unfurnished. Yesterday I bought a bed. Now I have to figure out a way that I am going to collect it and also where I am going to store it until I am ready to move. Definitely excited that I will not be sleeping on the ground in a week and a half though!

On top of all that’s happening on the housing front, I am also super busy at work and outside of work at the moment because we have a conference coming up at church.. The biggest one of the year and it is going to be wonderful but it is definitely going to be hard work.

Last week, as with a number of weeks previously, I have been drowning in paperwork. It is going to be very busy this week as the paperwork I gave out I will be getting back in the droves! I will definitely need assistance.. Whether anyone will have any spare time is something that I will have to find out.

It is hard for me to not come home, get into my pajamas and climb into bed. Every time I don’t do that I am very proud of myself. The fact of the matter is I do too much and probably need to pull back on the reins a little. I love the fast-paced bustle that is my life but sometimes it is okay to stop too..

I hope this week is a great one!

Worship Wednesdays #10: Declaration (This Is It!)

•May 13, 2015 • 2 Comments

My goodness it has been a busy week!

I have been pushed, pulled, reached the end of my tether, felt overwhelmed, inadequate and inept. Was stressing about my job, finances, moving into a home with no furniture and a whole host of other things and then I decided to stop. Took a moment, closed my eyes and just inhaled very deeply before exhaling calm.
I don’t feel like I easily get stressed, but with everything going on I started to feel as if everything was getting on top of me and I couldn’t breathe. It hasn’t been a nice feeling as you can imagine.

In my trips with Penelope (my car) I would play “The Fight of My Life” by Kirk Franklin. The song I want to share with you is the first track (second really because there is a 30 second intro) called Declaration – This is it!
This song sums up the fact that I am refusing to be defeated. I am refusing to be downtrodden and overwhelmed – not just in my working life, but in day to day life overall. I am refusing to believe my finances will be stretched so far that I will be worrying about surviving. This song is literally what is says – a Declaration – of faith, trust and belief in whatever is coming ahead of me.

I hope you love this song.. Believe it or not, this evening was the first time I watched the video.. I like it.. It’s kind of cool.. The dancing is..

Make your declarations, whether it is to be happy, apply for that new job, improve your finances, get out of the depression – I’ve been there, trust me – just make the declaration and say – this is my new start – this is it!

I hope you enjoy this!

A Week in Review: #19

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It has been a week filled with ups and downs.. More ups than downs..

There is a countdown to me moving apartments.. I have 3 weeks.. 21 days before I hand the keys back over to my letting agency. I have 21 days and absolutely no idea where I am moving next.. This is most certainly cutting it fine, especially as during the final week I’ll be involved in a conference at church so I have 3 days less.. So 18 days.. My oh my..

My friends came over from Paris and it was wonderful to spend time with them. I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years so we had a really nice time together. We met up and got some lunch before wandering around the shopping centre and making a few purchases. I’m hoping to go to Paris in August.. I’ve been to France, but never to Paris, if I can make it there I am sure it will be a great trip :)

Recently I have been thinking about my job, my life, me as a person and just a whole host of other things. I was thinking about maybe relocating.. I’ve spoken about it before but I don’t know where.. I know what I’d want to do, but can’t seem to find a route in. People keep asking when I’ll be heading back down south and the answer is still ‘I don’t know.’ I feel like I have something to achieve here before I leave.. If I leave.. My life isn’t complicated.. But I have thought of ways it could be better.. But doesn’t everyone.. And me as a person.. When I know, you’ll know..

I have a feeling this is going to be a great week.. Language classes will be restarting for me and I have deadlines to meet.. Both of which I will be looking forward to.. Only thing is that it is supposed to rain in the morning.. I am hoping it doesn’t.. Everything I can cross is crossed in the hope of sunshine..
Only a couple of months left until Thailand.. Bring. It. On!


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Today has been a chill day. It is Bank Holiday so that only seems right.
Today the spotlight is on James Blake. He is an amazing artist that grew up round the corner from where I grew up in London. The song I am sharing comes off his album titled Overgrown and it is apparently about falling in love. I say apparently because if you listen to the lyrics it also talks about being on your own – as if  the girl he’s referring to has gone ‘away’. He also talks about ignoring everyone else and being alone with her only to follow by being hit by ‘darkness’ that could indicate something else.. I don’t know.. There is so much to feel and understand within this 4-minute composition. There are parts within the track where there is just the melody with some humming in the background before his voice crashes through the melody and grabs your attention. I know a lot of people probably may have never heard of James Blake before or any of his music, have a listen to this song and some of his others and let me know what you think.. Without further ado, here is Retrograde by James Blake.


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