A Week in Review: #30

•August 16, 2015 • 2 Comments

Radio silence. That’s what it has been for a month.

We did Thailand. It was amazing. I got back and then I just.. Things happened and I just needed some time. Life is crazy.. Unpredictable.. I needed time so process.. Digest.. Understand.

I’m back now.. Last week was my first full week back at work and it was good.. Then I had the weekend and now we’re here.

I’m sorry.. In my unexplained absence I don’t really know what to say except I’m okay and I’m back. To start going through everything would mean going backwards.. But in going backwards, you can’t move forwards because you get stuck..

This post is a lot of rambling..

It is definitely good to be back.. πŸ™‚

A Week in Review: #29

•July 19, 2015 • 1 Comment

So we’re in Thailand..! Yeah.. That happened this weekend. As I sit here and type this now I have actually been up for almost 30 hours with no sleep so excuse me if this post is a little lacking.

It 19:49 in Bangkok Thailand and we are getting an early night. The others fell asleep involuntarily so the rest of us went down to the pool.. But in true rainy season style when it rains it pours!

I’ll have another update for you later, but at this moment I’m fighting a losing battle with sleep!

Have a great day!

Tell Her

•July 13, 2015 • 4 Comments

I was so tired today after my very late journey back from London last night. I woke up and was late for work.. Shock horror and ended up practically running the normally relaxed 20 minute walk.
I didn’t forget my appointment and after that I had lunch and I became super sleepy.. I had a lot to do before I am off on annual leave for two weeks so I needed to keep going! After work I went to the gym. I probably shouldn’t have done as I was almost asleep before kicking myself in the backside, getting my gear on and heading out and I am very glad that I did! I feel refreshed for my exercise yet tired enough to sleep comfortably tonight.
I also realised today that my apartment is still messy. Since I have moved in I have only unpacked my bedroom. There are still boxes and bags in the living room and I think it is now beginning to grate on me! I am going to dinner tomorrow evening but before then; after work, I am going to head home and tidy as much as I can before I have to leave again. I am one of those people who are very house proud – you never know when you’ll have visitors so it’s always important for places to look their best. I am not obsessive about that though.. Anymore.. Kind of.
Anyway! My song for today is called Tell Her. It is by two guys that go by the name Rizzle Kicks! I quite like it.. It is a good song to dance to and I think that the music video is quite cool.. I heard it at the gym this evening and it helped me along in my workout!
Hope you like it!

As per usual – please be aware I do not own any rights to the music I share! It is just me sharing videos of songs that I love πŸ™‚

A Week in Review: #28

•July 12, 2015 • Leave a Comment

This week has been busy but it has also been quiet..
It is now less than one week before I head out to Thailand. I think I have gotten the last of the things on my list! I got another swimsuit yesterday as well as a yellow playsuit and a pair of jeans πŸ™‚ I haven’t started packing yet though.. It’s fine I have my lists as well as my friends lists too! I am hoping I’ve got everything.. But technically at the moment I have nothing..

This weekend has been a busy one.. I was asked to help out for something this weekend in London and had no previous plans to go down. I contemplated it for a while and ended up deciding to go and realising that I probably had to drive down as tickets were expensive. So on Thursday after being convinced of the driving by my baby brother I made a plan. After work on Friday I went home, had some dinner, got changed into my pajamas and went to sleep. I figured if I slept at 6, whatever time I woke up I’d be rested enough to drive back and I’d miss the rush hour traffic too! I woke up the first time and it was only about 8, so as quick as I woke I went back to sleep. I woke up again and it was 10:00pm.
“Better” I thought to myself.
I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, packed my bag, grabbed my car keys and headed to the basement. I was out and in my car by 10:40. I then spent almost 20 minutes waiting for my satnavΒ to obtain a signal before heading off. After 4 hours navigating through a blacked out motorway and being diverted after it was closed part of the way I made it home at 3:00am. My mother couldn’t sleep and asked me why I decided to travel so late! Convinced I was in one piece she went to sleep.. As did I.
The day went quickly. I met up with friends and went shopping in Oxford Circus before heading home later on that evening. One of my friends will be heading to Portugal on Monday for a wedding.. I’m so jealous I want to go with her.. My Portuguese obsession is so real right now..

My Sunday was supposed to be my busy day, but the plans I was supposed to have were cancelled. Instead I spent most of my day in church and then went and visited one of my friends because her sister had a baby.. He’s sooooo cute! Now, I’m on my way back. I won’t get there until a little bit later. I left my car at home in London in preparation for when I get back from holiday and will need to visit people.. Public transport smells stale.. Well this transportation does anyway.
When I get home I need to prep my lunch for the morning and then get to sleep.. I have work and then a doctor’s appointment that I need to not forget! I also have to be up as I have to walk to work all week.. I used to.. I mean it’s only 0.9 miles (or 20 minutes) then I got lazy and then it was constantly raining and I didn’t want to be soaked through and sweaty before getting to work.. Anyway.. I got lazy.. Now I have to be unlazy!
I am quite tired, but I physically cannot sleep on moving vehicles so I will have to wait until I get home to do so..

The weather is beautiful.. Go for a walk.. Enjoy the rest of your day!xo

Worship Wednesday #19: Intoxicated

•July 8, 2015 • 2 Comments

I have missed the gym for 2 days.. And have been eating a mega load of things I wouldn’t usually eat! Overeating and no working out can really manifest itself in two days.. Either that or I am just super greedy at the moment.. It is probably the latter! I do feel good for getting to the gym tonight though.. I was starting to get distressed.. Disaster averted!

So! Worship Wednesday! Let me introduce you to my brother..

His name is Jayess and he is all kinds of amazing.. And I feel like I probably should have introduced you guys to him earlier.. My bad? Anyway, this is one of the songs from his album Genesis Snapshots that came out in 2010 (if it didn’t I’m sure he will be swift to correct me!) and I think that you will all love it.. And I am not being biased because he’s my brother.. But let’s face it.. I probably am!

Today I needed to get intoxicated in the Holy Spirit as one of my colleagues I feel was testing me. But it’s okay… I only snapped once.. And I wouldn’t really say snapped.. But everyone still has their fingers and toes.. and all their limbs. And eyes.. πŸ˜›

Let me know what you think! Time for dinner then bed πŸ™‚

A Week in Review: #27

•July 5, 2015 • 4 Comments

I have just gotten back from a very tiring gym session. To be honest (not that anyone asked me to lie or anything) I have been tired since the wedding I participated in last weekend.. I rested up okay from that and then the weather improved so dramatically as did my hayfever and increased level of fatigue.. But I would love that weather again..!
Due to the lovely weather during two evenings we had a very exciting lights show.. And when I say lights show I am most definitely referring to the lightning that was lighting up the night sky.. It looked beautiful.. There was no thunder (that I could hear) or rain.. I sat on my window ledge and just watched until I got tired enough to go to sleep.

I’m not counting down or anything.. but Thailand is happening in T-13 days.. I was reminded that I needed to get my vaccinations before I go.. And again, when I say reminded I mean informed.. Haha! I honestly did not realise that I’d need any kind of shots to go on this holiday, I think this is usually due to the fact that I usually go to America, or other places that don’t require them. The only place I have been previously that has required them has been Nigeria.. Anyway, I was doing some reading up on Thailand and found that July – October is actually rainy season.. Oops. The weather will still be lovely but there will most probably be thunderstorms and rain at the same time.. Can you say Monsoon Season? πŸ˜›

In other exciting news.. I got two more pieces of furniture for the apartment! On Friday a friend dropped off a new Chest of Drawers that her and another friend decided to buy for me as a present.. I was so overwhelmed! It was totally crazy because of how expensive they were. When I found out what they were purchasing I really tried to dissuade them but they were not listening to me! So I have a box of Ikea furniture outside of my bedroom door! Then on Saturday I picked up a lovely second-hand coffee table for the living room. A colleague from work is on maternity leave and needed some more space in her house for more things for baby and so realised that she needed to get rid of the coffee table and asked me if I wanted it and I jumped at the chance! Oo! I forgot, a friend of mine moved and people kept giving her and her partner things for their new place and they ended up having multiples of quite a few things and she asked me if I needed a lamp.. And I did so she brought one of the three she had for me.. With a light bulb! Brand new.. Still in its packaging! How great is she?! So I now have a complete bedroom set and 1 item of furniture for the living room.. I’m getting there. Whilst on the subject.. Can we please discuss how expensive sofas are?! I mean.. Hello?! These prices are not funny.. I may just have to settle for bean bags haha!

I am going to have to disappear now as I am making some post-gym dinner and I need to ensure that I am not burning my food..!
I have high hopes for this week.. Because why not? Work presents new challenges every day but I do think I am getting better at tackling the varied personalities that jump out at me.. So high hopes, happy faces, hopeful minds. Let’s go into this week smiling hey? πŸ˜€


Stereo Hearts

•June 29, 2015 • 2 Comments

So I was on my way from work this afternoon when this song came on the radio..

I haven’t heard it for a long time so I turned it up and sang along. A few metres down the road I hit some light traffic and as I was crawling along I stopped along another car and they must have been listening to the same radio station I was because they were singing along and bobbing their heads too! I winced thinking my music had suddenly gotten very loud, but it hadn’t.. I was listening to it in stereo (no pun intended)! I looked over again and we both laughed at each other and kept singing.. We waved each other off as the traffic started moving and that was the highlight of my day! Ha ha!
It’s the simple things..