A Week in Review: #27

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I have just gotten back from a very tiring gym session. To be honest (not that anyone asked me to lie or anything) I have been tired since the wedding I participated in last weekend.. I rested up okay from that and then the weather improved so dramatically as did my hayfever and increased level of fatigue.. But I would love that weather again..!
Due to the lovely weather during two evenings we had a very exciting lights show.. And when I say lights show I am most definitely referring to the lightning that was lighting up the night sky.. It looked beautiful.. There was no thunder (that I could hear) or rain.. I sat on my window ledge and just watched until I got tired enough to go to sleep.

I’m not counting down or anything.. but Thailand is happening in T-13 days.. I was reminded that I needed to get my vaccinations before I go.. And again, when I say reminded I mean informed.. Haha! I honestly did not realise that I’d need any kind of shots to go on this holiday, I think this is usually due to the fact that I usually go to America, or other places that don’t require them. The only place I have been previously that has required them has been Nigeria.. Anyway, I was doing some reading up on Thailand and found that July – October is actually rainy season.. Oops. The weather will still be lovely but there will most probably be thunderstorms and rain at the same time.. Can you say Monsoon Season? :P

In other exciting news.. I got two more pieces of furniture for the apartment! On Friday a friend dropped off a new Chest of Drawers that her and another friend decided to buy for me as a present.. I was so overwhelmed! It was totally crazy because of how expensive they were. When I found out what they were purchasing I really tried to dissuade them but they were not listening to me! So I have a box of Ikea furniture outside of my bedroom door! Then on Saturday I picked up a lovely second-hand coffee table for the living room. A colleague from work is on maternity leave and needed some more space in her house for more things for baby and so realised that she needed to get rid of the coffee table and asked me if I wanted it and I jumped at the chance! Oo! I forgot, a friend of mine moved and people kept giving her and her partner things for their new place and they ended up having multiples of quite a few things and she asked me if I needed a lamp.. And I did so she brought one of the three she had for me.. With a light bulb! Brand new.. Still in its packaging! How great is she?! So I now have a complete bedroom set and 1 item of furniture for the living room.. I’m getting there. Whilst on the subject.. Can we please discuss how expensive sofas are?! I mean.. Hello?! These prices are not funny.. I may just have to settle for bean bags haha!

I am going to have to disappear now as I am making some post-gym dinner and I need to ensure that I am not burning my food..!
I have high hopes for this week.. Because why not? Work presents new challenges every day but I do think I am getting better at tackling the varied personalities that jump out at me.. So high hopes, happy faces, hopeful minds. Let’s go into this week smiling hey? :D


Stereo Hearts

•June 29, 2015 • 2 Comments

So I was on my way from work this afternoon when this song came on the radio..

I haven’t heard it for a long time so I turned it up and sang along. A few metres down the road I hit some light traffic and as I was crawling along I stopped along another car and they must have been listening to the same radio station I was because they were singing along and bobbing their heads too! I winced thinking my music had suddenly gotten very loud, but it hadn’t.. I was listening to it in stereo (no pun intended)! I looked over again and we both laughed at each other and kept singing.. We waved each other off as the traffic started moving and that was the highlight of my day! Ha ha!
It’s the simple things..

A Week in Review: #26

•June 28, 2015 • 2 Comments

#Baby cause I left a piece of my heart..

This week was a really good one! I had quite a productive week at work and then towards the end it got crazy! But the good crazy.. I did around 600 miles this weekend, to say I am tired is an understatement. I love what I do and that makes all the muscle ache, sleepless nights and empty bellies worth it all!

I don't stop when I'm tired

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I’m done.. So I’m stopping to take a breath.
This is week is going to also be amazing.. The anticipation is eating me alive!

Worship Wednesday #18: You Found Me

•June 24, 2015 • 2 Comments

Today my hayfever went mental at around 4:00pm. After that I couldn’t stop sneezing, wheezing and blowing my nose.. This morning I woke up and it looked like someone had punched me in the eye.. I had to wait for it to go down before I could leave the house to go work so I was late.. I have taken some antihistamines again this evening.. Hopefully that should do the trick..!

I have also just gotten back from the gym as I thought that as I wasn’t able to go this morning I needed to get there.. My hayfever definitely wasn’t winning this one! I also have to wash my hair.. It is such a lengthy process, but hopefully I can do it a little quicker this evening as I am really tired and kind of want to sleep!

Today’s song that I am sharing is called You Found Me by Israel Houghton from his The Power Of One album.. It is basically a song that is saying what the title says.. God found me.. No more chains..
The violin at the beginning makes it a different kind of track and it also features Tobymac whom I think is awesome! Have a listen.. I am off to wash my locks! Be free!! x

A Week in Review: #25

•June 21, 2015 • 6 Comments

Happy Father’s Day to all my lovely blogger friends! I hope you have all had an amazing day!

I have started accumulating furniture for my apartment! It is coming together slowly! I bought a 6ft heavy-duty clothes rail and have hung up most of my clothes – I also have a bedside table.. I decided I only really needed one as opposed to the two I had previously.. I can work with one.. Now I am on the hunt for a 4 drawer chest of drawers.. Most of my weeks are spent furniture shopping.. It is quite stressful as I just want stuff now.. But I will have to be patient and wait.. Good news is though my bag living life is changing slowly every day.. :)
I plan to get 2 futon sofas, 2 up-lighters and a coffee table for my living room but probably in the next few months.. that’s definitely not a rush.. I also need to invest in a vacuum cleaner.. Just because I should probably have one as I am OCD clean.. And breathe!

I am also getting a new laptop! FINALLY! I have had the one I am using for more than a few years now and I really need an upgrade as this one has been playing up with me and is no longer reliable.. Things are coming together! Then in September when this contract expires I will be getting a new phone.. If I try to change before my renewal is due I will be charged so I have to wait it out.. Patiently..

Work was okay this week.. I was very productive and achieved a lot with a great attitude :P
I have a wedding next weekend in London that I have been prepping for, so I am very excited about that and how it will unfold.. I have booked my walkie talkies, compiled the day of schedule and have an outfit ready.. Almost.. I still have a jacket and shoes to find.. Shouldn’t be hard right..? Super excited.. Next week will be a busy one..

I would love to stay and fill you about my week some more but I have to get to the gym before it closes! It is 22:10 and I think I have about 50 minutes left if my timing is correct.. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it is..
It is going to be a great and extremely exhaustive week and I cannot wait!
Bring it on!!!

I’ll Be Missing You

•June 15, 2015 • 2 Comments

I think a lot about my future.. I try not to think too hard about my past.
Sometimes I randomly remember people.. Friends that are no longer here in this world, the impact they left, their families and how they shaped who I am today. A lot of the people I think about I went to school with, grew up with, played out with.. They all passed on so young.
I am thankful for the life I have because a lot of people haven’t gotten to live it. I am grateful for life, even though at times I take it for granted. I miss my friends – Everyday.

This is for Rebecca..x

A Week in Review: #24

•June 14, 2015 • 2 Comments

I woke up on Saturday morning at around 5:15am to the smell of burning. It was weird because I woke up and then I breathed in and immediately I was awake. My mind started going into overdrive as I mentally went over the switches of all my kitchen appliances in my head. I started to panic. I looked over at the window and saw smoke billowing past. I jumped out of bed and pressed my face against the window. It took me all of 1 minute to realise that it wasn’t my apartment that was on fire. My relief quickly subsided and a panic set in. I opened my window and looked out. There were several firemen running around the forecourt below and a fire truck was being guided onto the premises. In my haste I grabbed a pair of jeans, some shoes, my jacket, phone and keys and headed out of the door. I got to the stairs and started heading down. I got down two flights of stairs before I encountered any firemen telling me to pass on quickly and get outside. I stood outside in the rain texting a friend a minute by minute play by-play of what was happening. Another fire truck pulled up and more men jumped out and started running towards the forecourt/car park area – some time later a paramedic arrived to treat someone for shock I assume.

The second fire truck pulling up outside the front of my building..

The second fire truck pulling up outside the front of my building..

I stood in the doorway of my apartment block waiting for them to tell us it was okay to go back in. We stood out there for about an hour before being told the blaze has been extinguished and we could go back in. I got back up to my apartment thankful that it had not been more serious but I was now too awake and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started cleaning because what else can you do at 6:30am. I stuck my head out of my front room window and saw the firemen were discarding burnt/fire damaged units, the extractor and kitchen appliances from the burnt out apartment down into the forecourt. I closed my window and continued cleaning. After some time I managed to tire myself out and headed back to bed. By this time it was probably about 9:00am. Around an hour afterwards I was awoken by the mailman calling the intercom to alert me to a package. I threw some clothes on and again ventured downstairs. I got back up to my apartment and caught up on a few more hours sleep and got up and set about my day. At around 3:00pm my doorbell rang. I look through the peephole and there stood two fire safety officers wanting to come in to inform and check on residents after the incident in the morning as well as make sure everyone had functioning fire alarms installed. I let them in to test my alarms, explaining that I had only just moved in and they were free to roam. They went over some safety advice with me and I asked them quite a few questions in response. They explained that the fire was started by a drunk man and his friends returning from a night out, wanting to cook something, putting a chip pan on the cooker and going to sleep. It sounded like a television commercial that warns of the dangers of drinking and cooking – it was surreal. Thankfully, no one was injured and that is the most important thing.

My week has been eventful and ended with a bang – quite literally!
This is however the start of a new week that I have incredibly high hopes for.
I am yet to finish unpacking my apartment as I am still trying to get my furniture together and bought but I am hoping that I can get it sorted out by the end of the week..

I am pooped.. Work in the morning and it is definitely past my bedtime.. There is my little update.


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