Don’t You Forget It

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Music is such a huge part of my life. Huge. I constantly reiterate the same point but it is because it is so much of what makes me who I am. I grew up in a very musical family.. Everyone plays an instrument and we all sing. Music has always been life.. We listened to everything.. Together. There was always music playing in my house and if there wasn’t music we’d be singing, watching it or making our own! Music is the one thing that has forever been consistent. When I say music.. I don’t mean the music from nowadays.. The so-called artists of modern times.. Music that talks about degrading women, getting money and shaking your ass.. I’m talking about real music. I feel so alive when I hear music.. So emotional..

#Go up down, up down up down/ Go up down up down up/ Shake it fast..

I did a post on music last week. Since then.. Nothing has changed. Things have only gotten better.
I don’t know if I can ever explain to you how much I love music.. If that comes across.. How it has shaped me.

I struggled to find a track to share with you all today because I want to share everything!
I’ve always loved an artist called Glenn Lewis.. So this evening I choose to share some of his music. Just a short snippet of something – but without further adieu, here is “Don’t You Forget It” by Glenn Lewis.

A Week in Review: #12

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The back-end of this week has been phenomenal.. In fact it has probably been by far the best week of this year (so far!) We had a Young Adults conference over this weekend at church called YA Movement and to say it was extraordinary wouldn’t even cover it. We had a round 750 18-30 year olds on campus from all over the United Kingdom as well as Europe who came together to hear the Word of God. We were also blessed to have Chad Veech with us, a visiting Pastor from Zoe Church in LA who gave some amazing messages over the three days that he spent with us!
*Definitely another reason for me to head back to LA soon..!*

I don’t really want to say anything else because I am still buzzing and even sitting still to type this has been a little bit of a struggle!

I am so thankful to be a part of a church that is so interested in nurturing, growing and investing in Young Adults.
I have said it once but I’ll say it again – This is going to be a great year!


Worship Wednesdays #6: Better

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I have made no secret that I am a Christian. I will do posts about what I believe, conferences I’ve been at, things that have happened in church and I do a worship post every other Wednesday.
I make mistakes.. I sometimes say the wrong things, I can get upset and if pushed I can be mean.. But I am certainly not perfect. I grew up in a Christian household and was “raised in the church” but for a lot of my younger years I just listened to what the Bible said and what my parents told me the Bible meant without looking at it for myself.. I mean why did I have to.. I was getting by fine. As I got older things got difficult. I went through a lot of things and that broke me as a person.. And when I broke myself I never tried to piece me back together, I just continued living.. Fractured and hiding behind my smile. I was good at that.
One day.. after many years and very many problems, I decided I needed to change the way I was living.. How I viewed my life and everything in it. It was no longer about comparisons – although sometimes I need to remind myself of this fact – or about having things done before I got to a certain age.. I realised life didn’t work like that.
I believe in God and every day I learn something new. I tried living without God.. I’ll admit that. I don’t know how long I lasted for, but I don’t think it was for long.
I guess you can say that as I grew up with these beliefs it is hard for me to know anything different. That may be the case.. But I choose to actively believe in God and I do not think that this is something that I will ever stop doing. I cannot explain why I do.. But I do.

I went through a lot.. Sometimes I am still working through it all.. But one of the things that gets me by.. Allows me to smile is music. Not just gospel music though – don’t get me wrong.. Gospel music is great – but I listen to all types of music. My mood dictates what I listen to. If I’m sad, upset, hurting.. You can almost always hear me listening to Israel Houghton.. If I’m wanting to have some fun and am excited you can hear Kirk Franklin or Tye Tribbett!
I was born in the 80’s.. When we had good music! If I’m wanting to go down the old school route I’ll listen to some Lauryn Hill, Common, D’Angelo or even Destiny’s Child! Taking it further and wanting great stuff I’ll listen to Burt Bacharach, Dusty Springfield, Gene Pitney and The Drifters to name a few!
Music has helped me and continues helping me through a lot.

I know this is a little bit of a long-winded post for a Wednesday – but I thought.. In case you didn’t know me.. Or have only just recently come across me and are trying to figure out what I’m about.. I think the answer is Music. I am passionate about a lot of things.. Neo-Soul, R’n’B, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, Funk.. Musical and non-musically related alike.

Seeming as it is Worship Wednesdays, I want to share a song with you called Better by Tye Tribbett. I came across this song in a low moment.. A very low moment.. When I just wanted to feel better. Not heartbroken, or depressed. Exasperated or disappointed and I had to listen to it a few times before I really heard what it was saying.
I believe in God.. HE for me.. Makes all things better. All day. Every day. I cannot explain why but He does. I’ve felt alone, struggled – walked and lived as if I carried the weight of the world.. I’m familiar with all of that – Even struggled in my faith and with my faith but I believed and made the bold statement that He makes all things better. I took that and I ran with it. This song is just saying that.

I hope you enjoy it.. Here is ‘Better’ by Tye Tribbett.
N.B. I wanted to find a video with the lyrics – I do understand there are a couple of spelling errors, but please disregard them – You’ll get the general idea!

As with any song I post, please note I do not have or own any rights to this song I am only sharing because I like it.

A Week in Review: #11

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This week has been a busy one at work.
I had meeting after meeting, my performance review as well as a charity fundraiser. Busy!

On Tuesday I had my Performance Review at work. I was commended for the work I have been doing over the past 9 months and made plans for the months ahead to see how I am getting on with it all then. Not to boast.. Or seem conceited but I am very good at whatever I do. When growing up our parents always impressed on us that whatever we did – However big or small – was always worth doing well. I’m not the best but I work hard and am always trying to learn how to do things better.. Slowly but surely it is paying off.

This week we also did a charity fundraiser to raise money for Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a UK-based charity that assists in raising money to help eradicate the world of poverty. We baked cookies and cakes, made spring rolls and cheese and onion slabs and we advertised, telling people to come with empty bellies and full wallets to help a good cause. It was very fun and I enjoyed the process of everything we did :)

On Friday, I took a much-needed day off from work. I cooked, cleaned and went grocery shopping. Later on the evening I ended up speaking to a friend who lives out of the country for hours on Skype. It was good to speak to him as I haven’t done so face to face in a long time. I ended up going to sleep at 9:00 am on Saturday morning! To say I was shattered that day is definitely an understatement! Later on Saturday, I went to a Charity Fashion Show. It was coordinated by an organisation known as Red Ribbon who raise money to assist those with HIV and AIDS. It was a good show.

Today of course, Sunday 15 March, was Mother’s Day in the UK. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be at home with my mother but I called and we spoke and she said she’d had a good day :P
My mother is an amazing woman. She cooks for us, cleans up after us, is a fountain of wisdom, is a shoulder to cry on and never complains. She is strong, loving, caring and a brilliant teacher. Everyone thinks their mothers are the best..and they are probably right. It takes a special kind of woman and a special kind of strength to be the superhero we believe our mothers to be and for the blessing that is my mother I will always be thankful :)
I also remember the Fathers who are having to take on the role of mothers.. You are also remembered for being there and being amazing. Being everything to your children. Sharing everything and taking nothing for yourself.. Not because you don’t want to.. But you can’t because kids want everything you’ve got! Ha ha!
I salute you all. I cannot wait to be a mother (I’ve got some time yet!) to share all I have with my kids. Be their supporter, comforter, shoulder to cry on, taxi driver, bank, cook, teacher and friend (to name a few). I cannot wait to share the wisdom I have learnt with them and watch them grow into amazing human beings that I know I will be proud of! :)

Things happened last week.. At the beginning.. Things happened that I cannot remember.. And I usually have a pretty good memory. Hopefully now that I have been able to rest for a little while I will be ready for the week ahead as I have a lot of plans for this upcoming week including a conference on the weekend that I’ll have to tell you all about in the next review.. Until then.. :) x


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I absolutely adore this song.
I cannot remember the first time I came across it but I remember how I felt when I heard it for the first time.. I have said many times before.. I am such a hopeless romantic.. I think that’s all it is.. Haha.. I’m soppy I know.. But I think it is so sweet!
Made me think a lot.. Of pleasant things.. But it made me think.. Have a listen and tell me you love it!

Apple xx

A Week in Review: #10

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As I feel as I have rightfully earned it.. I took a little break from all the work that I have been doing. As I said in a previous post I have been a little burned out due to everything I have been doing and not taking time to really relax or have sufficient breaks.

I went home to London this weekend.. And my friends and I booked our holiday to Thailand! Oh yeah.. Did I tell you I’m going to Thailand?! *hehe*
I was supposed to be going to Atlanta but it was starting to look like it was going to cost an arm and both of my legs and that was not something I was willing to part with!

I am quite excited about this trip because it will be the first time I am going to that side of the world.. It is also my official first group holiday. I’m usually a solo traveller or I go with one other person. This holiday I’m going on is with 4 other friends.. So there will be 5 of us including myself! The closest holiday I’ve had to this number is when I planned to meet two friends in Lisbon and I went with my cousin. This is going to be very different!
I’m definitely not counting down to this holiday but I am aware that it will be unique and am looking forward to it.

I kind of now just want to sleep.. I feel like if I do.. Continuously.. I will eventually catch up to myself.
I may book a day off work to just sleep in.. Take several naps, cook and do whatever else I feel like doing :)

I have had an interesting week.. Roll on the next one! Mid March already next week.. *shudders in disbelief*.. Can someone please slow time down..?

Worship Wednesdays #5: Love Him Like I Do

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This is a song I have loved for years.
I was talking to a friend the other day and it was playing in the background and I started singing along..

#That’s why I love Him like I do I..



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