If I Ain’t Got You..

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I think I have always loved Alicia Keys..
I don’t know why.. But I do..

Today at work, I was inundated with piles of paperwork.. Dissertations and assignments. I remembered back to around this time two years ago.. I probably hadn’t slept properly in over a month trying to finish off my assignment.. And I did it. Now the time has rolled around again in my job and I look at the faces of the students submitting.. Tired, stressed out.. Hungry.. And I say “Well done” or “You’ll do great” and “You can relax now.. Your three years of study is over..”
It was bittersweet when I finished University. I had to be an adult.. You are deceived when you are a kid.. Convinced that you want to grow up before your time.. But you don’t..

Anyway.. Here is “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys.. Enjoy :)

A Week in Review: #16

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This pretty much sums up my week..


Image courtesy of quotespaper.com

Worship Wednesdays #8: Touch the Sky

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Another song I love. It is a recent song by Hillsong UNITED and is called “Touch the Sky.”

I have had this song on repeat for days.. Have a listen :)

P.S. Please note that I have no rights to this song – I am just sharing music I like via links from YouTube!

A Week in Review: #15

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In fear of sounding super British.. Was the weather this week not completely beautiful?! It got up to like 18 degrees Celsius.. Which may not sound very warm but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky or any wind so it was awesome – and in comparison to the weather we were having double-digit weather is ALWAYS welcomed!
photo 3
So I had a three-day work week this week due to Easter and an extra customary holiday at work. Getting up on Wednesday was so hard – but not as hard as realising I would be sat in an office whilst the sun came out to play!
On Saturday me and a friend (and her friends who became my friends) went to Fountains Abbey in Ripon, Yorkshire. Fountains Abbey is part of the National Trust and also has a deer park on the grounds. The landscape and views were stunning! We went to Aldi in the morning and grabbed a few things to make a packed lunch, drove for an hour and then had a picnic when we got there.. Here are a couple more photographs from the day:

photo 1
photo 2
It was incredible. When I got home though I realised I had bird poo on my jacket and bag and wasn’t too impressed.. Then when I took down my hair all manner of leaves and debris fell out of it.. Into the shower to wash my hair I went! Aside from those minor discrepancies it has definitely been an incredible week!

In addition to all of that I went over to visit a friend on Friday evening and we ended up having dinner and hanging out whilst watching shows about bailiffs.. It was great! This week has been a great :) Bring on next week!!

*All shots taken on my iPhone except for the first one that was taken on a different iPhone* :D


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I started watching a TV Series called Empire – the first series is over now but it follows a (fictional) family who grew up making music in the projects and made it big. The series follows several twists and turns including the wife of the owner of the company being released from jail after 17 (or so years) for being taken down during a sting operation for a drugs bust, her husband getting together with someone else and not being able to see her sons grow up – the eldest  of whom turns out to be bipolar and needing help. Anyway – that is by the by! The series has some of the most amazing and talented musicians I have heard in a while and this is one of the songs from the series.
It is called Conqueror and is being sung by characters Jamal Lyon and Delphine – or if you want to find them in real life Jussie Smollett and Estelle.
I hope you enjoy it :)

And I think Jussie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :D

P.S. I own no rights whatsoever to this music, I am just sharing some of the music that I like through links on YouTube. Peace Out!

A Week in Review: #14

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Happy Easter everyone!

This week has been good.. I’ve been home for the weekend and will be heading back up North tomorrow because I need to get some work done before I’m back to work on Wednesday – Get that? *hehe*

On Monday I was at work and realised that I probably needed to go grocery shopping after work if I wanted to have lunch and dinner for the rest of the week. Unfortunately on Monday there was also a random rainstorm wind crazy thing which basically meant that there was no way I was walking home with my shopping (as I couldn’t hold shopping bags and an umbrella and I had left my hat at home) and probably had to call a taxi – which I did end up doing. So back to the story – I called a taxi and waited for about 30 minutes before it finally arrived. I got in and there was traffic everywhere.. I’d been in the taxi for about 40 minutes – it is usually a 10 minute drive at best from the supermarket to my house – before the taxi driver looked at me in the mirror and asked me if I minded getting out and walking home. I looked at him confused at the question – He asked me again. I said yes I would mind but he ended up pulling up two streets away from my apartment in the windy hale rain asked me if I minded getting out. Long story short, I ended up walking home and getting drenched before getting there with my groceries!

Moral of the story – Always insist!

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful – aside from the fact that my housemate said she doesn’t know if she wants to renew our housing contract when it’s nearing expiry – so I may need to find a new apartment! I do not want to move again but it seems like I may have to. I love my apartment! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh :(
I’ll most definitely keep you updated..!

Happy Easter!

Worship Wednesdays #7: Before I Die

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Almost every Sunday afternoon after the morning church service this song plays in the foyer of the main building as well as in the car park. I remember the first time I noticed it.. It’s not as if it wasn’t paying attention, but it had to be heard over people talking, children screaming and playing, cars starting and other sounds. I thought it was amazing!

I only really started paying attention to the lyrics when it started saying #Right now (right now).. And on it goes.. I love it because it’s catchy and has a good vibe..

So for you on this Wednesday, another Kirk Franklin track titled “Before I Die” – Enjoy!


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