Universal Studios

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Today was amazing!
A few photos to share!
I hope you all had a great day!
Happy Labour Day :P



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Today I did most of the shopping (if not all) of what I plan to bring home!

I still have to get more things.. But I’m pretty much done.
Funny thing about this is I’m probably not going to eat any of it ha ha..
I am shattered.. We have plans to visit Universal Studios tomorrow so we have to get an early night because we have an early start.
Bye bye for now :D


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I don’t want to go home. Ever.. Well.. Not right now anyway and that’s fine because it’s not time for us to leave LA yet anyway :)

Tonight we went out for dinner. We went to a district called Little Tokyo before heading out to get dessert afterwards. We didn’t find any tasty dessert to try so after a while of looking spy we wandered – very slowly – back to the train station to take us back home. We ended up running for the train because we thought it may have been the last one. It was not. Lol. Epic fail.

There is a free neighbourhood gym and pool near where we are staying. This is the second day we have been going (as we only learnt about it on Thursday morning) and this morning my friend and I got a bit over excited on the machines. Couple that with walking around all day and I had major problems! Everything was happening at snails pace and I was getting frustrated at the fact that I could no longer feel my feet.. Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day as we have an early start.

As I type this I am curled up on the sofa wishing I had my socks, which are upstairs by the bed and also my bed, which is upstairs in the bedroom next to my socks down here with me so I don’t have to go up there.
It’s not that it’s far away.. I’m just feeling incredibly lazy and sore.. My bed is screaming my name and if I keep ignoring him he will reject me when I need him the most!

My eyes are shutting.. Very slowly..
I must.. Typing.. Blog.. Post..


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Today we were tourists!

We went to the Staples Centre and then had amazing burgers at LA Live!

Afterwards we decided to go to Macy’s.. Which turned out to be a little disappointing so we left and decided to do a little shopping instead.
We headed out to Compton.. Because why not.. And we got quite a few good purchases.. It has definitely been the best place I’ve visited!
I can’t believe we’ve only been here for three days! It feels like we have been here forever.. It’s a beautiful feeling!
Hope you are all great!!


Day One

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Yesterday was such a busy day!
We’d been travelling for a long time.. The flight alone was over 12 hours (not including the stopover in Paris) but we’ve finally made it to Los Angeles!
We didn’t sleep the whole of the flight and when we got off we had to wait a while to get through passport control.. After that we went through customs and it took us all of 1 minute to collect our luggage and we were off!
We were supposed to get a bus to near where we supposed to be staying. When we got to where the bus was waiting we found that they only took credit card and not cash so we had to figure out a different way to get to where we needed to be.
It took a while! But after landing at 1:10pm and getting out of the airport at 2:30 (I think!) we got to where we were staying in downtown LA at 6pm!
We dropped our stuff off, had showers and went out to grab some dinner :)
We got back, had another shower then climbed into bed!
As crazy as day one was.. I am excited to be here and I can’t wait for the next two weeks!
I hope you are all amazing!

Sending my love from LA!

This was our view when we stepped out of the airport..


Up, up and away!

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So we’re about to take off!
We’ve been in the airport since 5am and it has taken sooo long just to check bags in.. But we’re ready!
We’re about to fly to Paris and then from Paris get our connecting flight!
It’s going to be amazing!

I shall update you all when we land.. We have over 13 hours of flight time left!
Have an amazing day :) x


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My flight is in 7 hours and 10 minutes!!!
All packed and ready to go :D



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