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I don’t know whether you’ve noticed.. You probably have.. But I think I’ve been moaning a lot recently. It’s not me and I’m now starting to grate on myself.
I’ve said before that you can complain about a situation that you are in OR you can do something about it. You can’t just (in my case especially) continue to moan about the same thing and expect things to change. I need to be finding things and doing things that make me happy. Bottom line.

Break the mould.

Ramblings.. VII?!

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These past couple of days have been a nightmare.. I have been been drowning in paperwork and have resulted to hiding under my desk so people think I’m not around.. Fiddlesticks.. Now people will know where to find me!
I feel like I need a holiday to get over my holiday..
I want to take a walk.. Hand in hand with him.. Along the beach.. Watching.. Hearing the waves. The almost-midnight breeze gently moving across the width of my neck.. Down the small of my back.. I need a holiday!
Tomorrow is Friday and then it’s the weekend and then it’s Monday all over again.
I have been busy every weekend since I have been back..

I want to be back in Portugal.. I miss it.. The people.. Atmosphere.. Just being there.. It wasn’t like it wasn’t my life because it was.. And since then I’ve always felt like a huge chunk of me is gone and that frustrates me.

Today I worked 3 hours overtime.. When I left home this morning it was dark.. When I left work at the end of the day it was dark.. I was 45 minutes shy of working for 12 hours.. And that will not happen again.

I miss Portugal. I know why but I don’t understand it. Here I feel trapped.. Stressed.. Like I’m unable to just be myself. It was so much easier starting all over again and just being me..

There is so much I want to say.. But it’s not the time.. Not yet..


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I have already started planning my holidays for next year. Truth be told, I have left it a bit later than I usually would and due to the fact that we are going during the peak travel period it’s going to be at least one third more expensive than this last trip to Los Angeles was. I must plan accordingly. I plan to go back to America and also to Canada.. Possibly also somewhere in Europe.. Or to Ghana. Europe and Ghana.. Very different spectrums I know.. But those are the plans for now.

I should be sleeping.. I am awake at 5:15am and at the gym for 6:00am.. I must sleep now because if I don’t a repeat of last week will happen where I almost injured myself due to fatigue.. When I know more about my plans I will tell you.. Until then.. I will sleep.. And remember to eat in the interim!


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I was at a place today where I just wanted to scream.

I really hope that this is a great change.. Otherwise.. If you’re sitting down one day and you think you hear something.. You did. It was me. Screaming.

Right now.. Call me chaos.



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I love weddings!


Taking shape

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Yesterday I was walking home and stumbled across a friend of mine. I took her by the arm as dragged her to come and see my not-so-very new apartment.
We chilled and spoke for an hour or two before I needed to get off somewhere and she needed to get home. I walked her downstairs as I was leaving also and it turned out that the plans I had changed.. So I went to her house!
We talked a lot more and had a very (in my opinion) amazing conversation. She learned things about me and helped me in some areas and I learnt a lot about her and about her plans for the future. It’s been the most future focused conversation I have had in a while and I’ve been thinking about it all day today.
Things are starting to take shape with me and now I’ve just got to get the ball rolling a little bit faster and we’ll be in business!

Sorry about the cryptic post! In time everything will make so much more sense.. But for now, the bits and pieces won’t.. And that’s okay.
The end result will!

You should be a chef!

•September 10, 2014 • 1 Comment

So yesterday I didn’t realise how tired I was.. Got into bed.. And when I opened my eyes it was the morning.. What?! When did that happen?!

Yesterday after work I went over to my friends house as she just moved and I wanted to check out her new place. It was really nice!
About 30 minutes passed and her and her housemate decided that they were hungry but they didn’t know what they wanted to cook. They had potatoes and a lot of random vegetables. My friend looked over at me – “You cook!” She exclaimed! “Make something.. Please?” I welcomed the challenge!
I opened the fridge and rummaged for ingredients.. The same thing with the cupboards. In the end we cut up a mix of sweet potatoes and white potatoes put them in the oven to bake and whilst that was cooking I chopped up some tomatoes, carrots, an onion, jalapeños and spring onion before adding a teaspoon of all purpose seasoning and chilli. When the potatoes were almost done I took them out and flipped them before adding the previously mentioned veg mix over the top. It was baked for a further 12 minutes until the onions softened and the veg began to roast.. Et voilá! It was complete!

She took one bite, looked over at me and told me I should be a chef!
I explained to her that what I did wasn’t hard and she kept insisting that it was really good and I should think about it.. Meh.. I’m good just cooking for me, family and friends.. Another recipe for my cookbook it seems!
P.S. I don’t think the photo does it justice!


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