Naughty napping..

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I spent a majority of my evening asleep on the sofa.. Not on purpose.. I was just more tired than I realised.
I got up and unloaded the washing machine, putting its contents away before heading to my room to finish packing for my trip down south tomorrow. I have finished packing but I’ve still got to tidy quite a few things before I leave.
I have misplaced a few things I realised.. If I knew where then of course they wouldn’t be misplaced.
I think I’m still a bit tired.. Maybe it was a bad idea taking a nap so close to bedtime.. I should have been in bed 50 minutes ago.. Time to start counting hens.. :)


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I had a conversation today with a girl at work. It’s not a secret that I’ve been trying to eat better and get myself in shape.. Just because.
I have been making myself lunches everyday for so long I cannot now fathom how I used to eat everything that I did. I would spend a lot of money every lunch time and through out the day on everything and nothing.. A lot of empty calories and a lot of fats.. Crisps, sandwiches, sweets, fruit juices, fizzy juices.. Just a combination of a lot of things. I didn’t eat terribly and those things I just mentioned, I didn’t eat everyday but I did have them frequently.
Now, I do a weekly shop every weekend to ensure that I get everything I need in order to cook well for myself. I have a food plan for the month which makes it easier for me to shop because I already know what I am making for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times. It is important that I buy everything I need because if I don’t I may be tempted to get something unhealthy (when I say unhealthy I’m talking about a 10g packet of mini haribo!) and I know for me that is when the “bad” eating will begin. It’s okay every once in a while but not all the time and I’ve found that when I have a small amount of something that’s good enough for me.
I even leave my purse at home so I am not tempted to purchase things just because. I have become very disciplined and it’s very natural now that I’ve been doing it all for so long.

I spent almost 2 hours working out today. I wasn’t feeling well so I took it slower than usual to make sure I didn’t cause myself any injury.
For my post-workout meal I had a salad comprising of avocado, red onion, eggs and cherry tomatoes. I seasoned the salad with salt, pepper and some lime juice. I also baked a chicken breast, sliced it and added that too..
Eating clean doesn’t have to mean your food won’t taste nice.. It just means you probably need to be a little more inventive..
Here is my salad..

All the pretty colours.. :P


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So I made another tasty omelette tonight..
It was spinach and tomato..

It was really tasty.. But I really wanted some potatoes to go with it.. Is that bad? :D

I have washed up, cleaned down and am now ready to take on my dreams.. It’s weird that I get so excited about sleeping these days!

I’m not tired of work but I have 2.5 working days left until it’s the weekend.. I feel like I’m already burnt out a little and the week has only just begun.. Maybe my weekend was just a little too relaxed..

One foot in front of the other.. Forward march!


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#Run away with me..

I’m all alone.. My housemate has gone to Rome for a holiday and I am sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table.
I should be sleeping.. I’ve been trying to.. But it hasn’t been working as great as I thought it would be and after tossing and turning for an hour.. I am still awake.

I have a lot on my mind. Nothing heavy.. Just.. Things..

It has been a good day. Got a lot done today at work and even though there is a lot more to get done I am well on my way to completion.

I was reminded today that there is one week left until I go on holiday.. I’m not excited yet though.. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t really get excited until they are going through security.. Anything before that and I’m kind of ‘meh’ about it all.. The excitement will start soon!

I am getting sleepy.. I will now proceed to say the alphabet backwards while thinking of animals to match every letter..
Z for zebra
Y for yak
X for xerus..

Spirit Lead Me..

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This song has been on my mind.. All day. I adore it.. I hope you do too..x

You call me out upon the waters,
The Great unknown where feet may fail.
And there I find you in the mystery;
In oceans deep my faith will stand.

So I will call upon your name
And keep my eyes above the waves.
When oceans rise my soul
Will rest in your embrace,
For I am yours and you are mine.

Your Grace abounds in the deepest waters,
Your Sovereign hand will be my guide.
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me;
You’ve never failed
And you won’t stop now.

So I will call upon your name
And keep my eyes above the waves.
When oceans rise my soul
Will rest in your embrace,
For I am yours and you are mine.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever you would call me.
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my savior.

I will call upon your name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in your embrace
I am yours and you are mine.

No explanation needed..

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My eyes are doing this funny thing..

When I take my lenses out they itch.. It’s almost like the hayfever itch.. So I take them out and put them in solution and sit on my hands so I don’t rub my eyes.. Today I failed and rubbed my eyes..
And rubbed my eyes.. And rubbed my eyes.. It was horrible!

I ran the tap and filled up the sink.. Moments after I’d turned off the tap my face was submerged into the water. Such a soothing sensation. I took my face out of the water and felt my eyes burning.. And it was also a little blurry.. So I put it back it opened and closed my eyes a few times then got a clean towel and dabbed my face.

My eyes still hurt but they feel more tired than anything else.. Like I haven’t slept for a few days..

I’m going to call it a night, get my gel eye pack and some cucumber slices.. That I don’t eat because they are yucky, but work great on my eyes.. And head to sleep..

Sweet dreams..


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