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I’m starting to feel like maybe I talk about food too much..?

What do you think?

Now that I’ve graduated, I have a lot more time to catch up on my hobbies.. a lot more time reading, working out, relaxing and COOKING. I like food. You can ask anyone that knows me. If I wasn’t dairy intolerant, then I’d probably be a lot heavier than I am now.. Definitely.

Earlier this evening, I decided that I wanted pancakes. I really wanted pancakes.. Just one would have satisfied me.
I couldn’t have any. I started looking at pictures of the crepe party that we had when I was in Portugal, and of all the other times that I just made pancakes when I wanted them.
Remember these.. Pancake day 3 years or so ago.. I do..

Photo Courtesy of ME!! American Style Pancakes..expect nothing less..and was awesome!

Photo Courtesy of ME!! American Style Pancakes..expect nothing less..and was awesome!

In a bid to be healthy, I decided to cut flour out of my diet for a little while to see if that had an effect.. I didn’t have flour that much really, I thought.. then when I stopped using it I realised how much I did have it in my diet!

The bottom line.. I want pancakes.

I hate when I have a craving for something! Unless I have whatever that something is, the craving doesn’t go away.. and if I attempt to quell the craving but it isn’t as great as I know it should be, depending on how good or bad the thing tastes determines whether I’m put off of it for a while or whether because I wasn’t satisfied it has made it worse.

*sigh* Food is definitely my first love..

All I want are pancakes..

Halfway Through..

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Yesterday it took me almost 2 and a half hours to work out when it usually only takes me 50 minutes.

It was my own fault.

After work I met up with a friend of mine and we planned to go for dinner and a quick catch up before I had to head home and she headed back for a meeting.

We ended up going to a local restaurant/take-away over Wetherspoons. We should have gone to Wetherspoons.

So I looked over the menu – I didn’t know if there was anything I wanted. I eventually settled on a double quarter pounder burger and fries. Yes. A double.
I can’t remember the last time I had a store-bought burger – I usually make my own, because I know what is them and I can make it a little healthier than I assume that everyone else makes theirs..

A tastier burger made by me.. Ignore the bacon.. I was allowed some fats that day :)

A tastier burger made by me.. Ignore the bacon.. I was allowed some fats that day :)

When I make burgers, I will use extra lean mince  - usually less than 5% fat, if I want to be a little more filled, I will use less than 12%. I chop up spinach and add that to my mix, with peppers, onions and a whole heaps of other healthy things. I make my own fries.. from potatoes that have been soaking in water before being baked.. With wholemeal store-bought rolls – and that’s if I don’t make my own, sometimes I have bacon and an egg.. But my burgers are healthy.

Our food got to the table. My friend doesn’t eat meat, so she had a fish burger with fries and a passion fruit Rubicon.
The waiter put my plate down and immediately I regretted my decision. The double that I’d ordered looked like it was 4 burgers because they had partially sliced the burgers when cooking them. This was half resting on the bottom of the bun and half on the plate topped with the top of the bun. There was MINIMAL salad in it. A few jalapeños, some relish and 3 pieces of lettuce – at least they were fresh.

I looked at it. I didn’t know where to start. I picked up the meat and bun and placed it back on the bottom half of the bun. There was patty liquids on my plate running into my fries that had been fried to a light brown colour. I didn’t want to eat it.

I added some chilli sauce and ketchup to my fries before I picked up a fork and took the first bite of the chips that were sat on the bottom. I looked at the burger, took the top bun off, removed one of the burger patties and put it on my plate. My burger was now considerably smaller, but more consumer friendly.
I took a bite. It tasted like a greasy takeaway burger. I added some ketchup and chilli sauce to my burger, thinking it would help. It did some.. but not a lot. Part way through eating, I started feeling like I was full. I should have stopped.. but I just kept drinking more water, determined to get my money’s worth.

We finished our meals and sat and talked for a little while. Soon afterward we left headed back to work, where I grabbed my bag and new yoga ball (Yeah! I got a new Yoga Ball for my workouts.. whoop!) and headed to the train station. I was too full to walk so I waited for the bus to take me to the train station. It came, I got off and just missed the train pulling out of the station by moments. I had to wait another 25 minutes for the next one so I went and sat down. I was still feeling terribly full.

Fast forward to 8:00pm.. I thought I’d be feeling less full seeming as we had eaten more than 2 hours before.. nope. Still felt really bloated and really full. Okay. I said to myself.. At 9 o’clock, I will start working out.. I should have been okay by then. 9 o’clock came by and went then at 9:45 pm I decided it was now or never.. I had to work out.

I looked over to the side of my bed and decided it was time.

It was taunting me

It was taunting me..

I got up and decided it was now. I lay down on the floor.. Still full and in pain from the weird bloated type feeling. I groaned. This was definitely not going to be the greatest idea.. nor would it be easy.
So I started.. It was the hardest workout by far that I had done since the start of this 30 day Abs Challenge. I resented the burger that I ate.. I resented myself. Urrgh.

After a pathetic 2+ hours, I finally ended the self-torture. I had to stop several times because I felt like I was going to be sick and didn’t feel like choking so I opted to sit up and slow walk around and drink more water.. which I still don’t know if it made me feel better or more full.. hmm.
Anyway, so I stopped and decided that I hated takeaways. I don’t usually eat them.. I cook almost every day.. this evening I am making a roast chicken to have with spinach and pasta for my lunch tomorrow! Not the whole roast chicken mind you! I can’t remember the last time I had a takeaway before yesterday.. I cannot believe that I used to eat them before and thought they were fine.. My body is still suffering from last nights turmoil.. It cannot believe I would do that to her.. I still can’t believe I went for a double.. or a burger period.. *sigh*

I have definitely learned my lesson!


Today marks Day 15 of the Abs Challenge. I am also doing a strength training one combining weights, balancing and other techniques. As the days have progressed the workouts have actually been getting easier (except for yesterday but I was the only one to blame for that!) and I don’t know if my progress has been incredible, but I have been noticing a change. I may have just reversed all that progress with that one dodgy meal though! I think that when this 30 day challenge is over, I may go and purchase the Hip Hop Abs DVD and see how that works for me. I don’t want to be ripped.. but I want to be healthy. I maintain a pretty clean diet and consume a lot of water on a daily basis – which I was doing before, but now I am actively making more of those choices and thinking about what I am going to eat more of and less of.. I love fish.. but am scared to cook it because I love how my mum cooks it.. so I don’t cook it.. ha ha.
I will be going home soon, and she always packs fish for me to bring back so I’m looking forward to that :)


So that’s my update! Abs Challenge is awesome.. fatty greasy burgers are not!

I’ll let you know how it went at the end of the challenge!


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Tomorrow I will be talking about how this 30 day Abs challenge has been going for me, as tomorrow marks the middle of the challenge. I have a lot to tell you guys.. I also have something that I don’t want to tell you but I have to because I’m so ashamed of what I ate today! I was so good.. and then I crumbled.. *she cries*


Until tomorrow.. It’s time for me to work out!

All I Want..

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Today was much better than yesterday…

Much better.. Everyone has down days? Yes.. They do..  Myself included :)


I went to church this morning and they sang my favourite song..
I have put a video in below.. I own no rights to this video.. I do not intend to infringe any kind of copyright.. I’m just sharing my love for this amazing song..

Have a blessed evening and I’ll be writing you all tomorrow :) x


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Today hasn’t been the greatest of days.

I hope tomorrow is better.

Tomato Soup

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Yesterday evening for dinner I had the most amazing tomato and basil soup. I got some smoked sausage and added it to the top of my soup before getting a crusty brown roll to dip in it.
I’ve been wanting soup for the longest while.. But at the moment cooking a good tomato soup would be a chore, as I haven’t tasted a good tomato yet this season!
Despite that.. It was mesmerising! It was light, yet filling.. Rich.. But with a slight kick from the chilli flakes that I added.. It was wonderfully tasty!
I want more soup..

I’m so glad it’s the weekend though! Tomorrow.. I finish my tomato soup.. And I make brownies! Yaaay!

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Super-Efficiency rocks!

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Today at work I was super-efficient.
Today at work I was so super-efficient that I gave myself a headache and had to hide under my desk in the dark.

I’d been staring at the screen for a long time with a to-do list as long as my arm. I started going down the list and a determination to finish things came over me like I’ve not felt in a long time!
I completed all the tasks that I had down for today and all but two of my tasks for tomorrow.
I’m usually wandering around the corridors because I’m hot, hungry, bored or restless.. But today I worked.. And I worked hard!

My laptop, as you already know; died sometime this week. I haven’t really felt the impact of that aside from the fact that I can’t watch any DVDs if I wanted to just relax.. I still have my books though! I can do a lot of things on my phone as my contract came with a package for unlimited data.. So I can browse and surf to my content.. I try not to use it too much though.. So during my lunch break at work I would check my emails and do all the other things I need to do.
This is why I haven’t responded to a lot of comments yet. I promise I will do very soon.. Probably tomorrow if I get all my work done early! I hope I can anyway!

Time to brush my tushy pegs and head to sleep :)



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