Mini break

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As I type this I am on my way to Amsterdam.
Why not?
I think I have earned an extended weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday.. So it’s not a holiday.. More a mini-break.
I’ve never been to Amsterdam.. So it should be good. I’m going with one of my really good friends and we’ll be meeting some of his family/friends out there.
For some reason, when I think of Amsterdam I think of a Brussels-type city. I visited Belgium a few times some years ago when my sister lived there and I loved it!
I don’t know where this travelling bug came from.. But I’m indulging it.. Should I be? Ignore that question.. It wasn’t a serious one!
I have a few places that I would like to see in Amsterdam. I also want to hire a bike and eat all the food!
We’ll see how much we get through in one weekend.. I’m guessing that it will be a lot!
Let the adventures begin..!


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I’m a hopeless romantic I think..

I pour all of myself into someone.. Everything.

Maybe that’s wrong.. But that’s all I know.

I stood in my kitchen today.. Making dinner and this song popped into my head.. I’ve been singing it for hours.. And no. It’s not about anyone in particular.. Although at times I wish it were..


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I’m not perfect.. And I’ve never claimed to be.

This morning.. I was sitting in church listening to our Pastor, Steve Gambill; and a penny drops. I’m not perfect.. But God still loves me. I read a post the other day and it really struck a chord. Grace. Grace is offered freely.. Given to us regardless of who we are.. What we’ve done.
I’m not perfect.. Like the background in the image above. It’s dirty, covered in stains.. Discoloured. But it serves the purpose of being able to see the words printed on it.
I make mistakes. Everyday. I get angry. I’m rude, sometimes I talk back. Sometimes I pre-judge others unintentionally.. But I do. I don’t make the best decisions at times either.. But grace..? Grace accepts me for who I am.. Imperfect, rude at times.. Fiery.. Sometimes I need to think before I speak.. But I am accepted.. And a lot of times I forget it.
Grace accepts people.. Just as they are.

Travels II

•October 25, 2014 • 2 Comments

Following yesterday’s post, plans for my summer 2015 holiday are now underway.. I am going to..
Yes! Plans are forming! Myself and 5 friends from university will be heading over for a week next July to take a break! I’ve never been to Atlanta before but I can definitely say I’m looking forward to it.. Especially the food aspect because that’s what I love to do when away.. I eat!
This trip is going to be amazing. All of those coming will be female but it’s fine because we all get along. People worry that girls can’t get along when in somewhat confined spaces for long periods of time.. However.. With all our similar personalities we are awesome!
I am already working towards the accommodation aspects.. I have some apartments in my sights in Downtown Atlanta that look perfect.. Either Downtown or Buckhead.. Then there’s the issue of what I’m going to pack and how much spending money to take.. But I’ve got months before I have to think about that!
I’m also planning to head to Argentina with the friend I went to LA with.. It looks like a stunning place to visit and I’ve never been to South America before. Plus I’ve heard amazing things about their meat!

I’m so excited! A lot of today has been spent planning this holiday and as you can tell I’m uber excited!

I still feel like until then I need something in the interim to tide me over..
I’ll have to see what I can do!

Atlanta 2015.. Here we come!
*You are definitely not ready for us!*


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I miss LA..

I go away quite a bit and every time I get back I wish I was going somewhere else.
I think I’ve said before.. That if I wasn’t human I’d want to be a bird.. I love travelling.. I love seeing different countries, experiencing different cultures.. And the weather is always a bonus :)
I’ve decided that in my future.. Whatever I am getting into (job wise) is going to require me to travel. I read an article about a guy that travelled to every single country in the world using every mode of transport except for airplanes. It took him 3 years! I think I could do that!
I have a bucket list of countries I want to visit.. I don’t know how many I’ve ticked off.. But when I finish that list I’ll only create another..
I’ve got the travelling bug. I’m unstoppable!

Technology no more!

•October 23, 2014 • 4 Comments

Yesterday stressed out was not the word!

For over an hour I sat down in front of the washing machine typing up a post. If you’ve read my post from a few days ago, you’d know I’m struggling with the WordPress app on my iPhone as well as not having access to the computer and just having a dodgy phone in general. So I sat down for an hour typing up my post within notes before I would copy and paste it into the WordPress page I brought up online using my phone. Does this make sense?
Anyway, I finished typing this post and logged into the web version of WordPress within the browser. I tapped the screen waiting for the paste icon to appear. Nothing. I tapped it again assuming I hadn’t done it correctly the first time. Still nothing. I tried to type into the box and couldn’t see the cursor or what I was typing. I began to get frustrated.

Side note: I definitely think that WordPress is plotting against me!

I tried a lot of things and nothing was working. I gave up typing and threw my phone in the other directon! It turned itself off.. *surprise surprise*┬ádeleting the note and publishing whatever it was I’d written in invisible ink.
That post has since been removed!

Something’s got to give! I either need a new laptop or a new phone! I don’t see WordPress fixing the bugs on this app any time soon!

I have created some posts and put them on adaptive release before I can get back into work on Monday to create some more.

Tech problems over.. For now!


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