A Week in Review: #25

Happy Father’s Day to all my lovely blogger friends! I hope you have all had an amazing day!

I have started accumulating furniture for my apartment! It is coming together slowly! I bought a 6ft heavy-duty clothes rail and have hung up most of my clothes – I also have a bedside table.. I decided I only really needed one as opposed to the two I had previously.. I can work with one.. Now I am on the hunt for a 4 drawer chest of drawers.. Most of my weeks are spent furniture shopping.. It is quite stressful as I just want stuff now.. But I will have to be patient and wait.. Good news is though my bag living life is changing slowly every day.. 🙂
I plan to get 2 futon sofas, 2 up-lighters and a coffee table for my living room but probably in the next few months.. that’s definitely not a rush.. I also need to invest in a vacuum cleaner.. Just because I should probably have one as I am OCD clean.. And breathe!

I am also getting a new laptop! FINALLY! I have had the one I am using for more than a few years now and I really need an upgrade as this one has been playing up with me and is no longer reliable.. Things are coming together! Then in September when this contract expires I will be getting a new phone.. If I try to change before my renewal is due I will be charged so I have to wait it out.. Patiently..

Work was okay this week.. I was very productive and achieved a lot with a great attitude 😛
I have a wedding next weekend in London that I have been prepping for, so I am very excited about that and how it will unfold.. I have booked my walkie talkies, compiled the day of schedule and have an outfit ready.. Almost.. I still have a jacket and shoes to find.. Shouldn’t be hard right..? Super excited.. Next week will be a busy one..

I would love to stay and fill you about my week some more but I have to get to the gym before it closes! It is 22:10 and I think I have about 50 minutes left if my timing is correct.. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it is..
It is going to be a great and extremely exhaustive week and I cannot wait!
Bring it on!!!

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 21, 2015.

6 Responses to “A Week in Review: #25”

  1. Great to hear you sounding so positive – back to your old self? I can’t believe you have gyms there open until 11 at night?! I’m glad I have my own multigym at home. Basic but it means I can exercise when I want to from the comfort of my own house!

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