A Week in Review: #28

This week has been busy but it has also been quiet..
It is now less than one week before I head out to Thailand. I think I have gotten the last of the things on my list! I got another swimsuit yesterday as well as a yellow playsuit and a pair of jeans 🙂 I haven’t started packing yet though.. It’s fine I have my lists as well as my friends lists too! I am hoping I’ve got everything.. But technically at the moment I have nothing..

This weekend has been a busy one.. I was asked to help out for something this weekend in London and had no previous plans to go down. I contemplated it for a while and ended up deciding to go and realising that I probably had to drive down as tickets were expensive. So on Thursday after being convinced of the driving by my baby brother I made a plan. After work on Friday I went home, had some dinner, got changed into my pajamas and went to sleep. I figured if I slept at 6, whatever time I woke up I’d be rested enough to drive back and I’d miss the rush hour traffic too! I woke up the first time and it was only about 8, so as quick as I woke I went back to sleep. I woke up again and it was 10:00pm.
“Better” I thought to myself.
I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, packed my bag, grabbed my car keys and headed to the basement. I was out and in my car by 10:40. I then spent almost 20 minutes waiting for my satnav to obtain a signal before heading off. After 4 hours navigating through a blacked out motorway and being diverted after it was closed part of the way I made it home at 3:00am. My mother couldn’t sleep and asked me why I decided to travel so late! Convinced I was in one piece she went to sleep.. As did I.
The day went quickly. I met up with friends and went shopping in Oxford Circus before heading home later on that evening. One of my friends will be heading to Portugal on Monday for a wedding.. I’m so jealous I want to go with her.. My Portuguese obsession is so real right now..

My Sunday was supposed to be my busy day, but the plans I was supposed to have were cancelled. Instead I spent most of my day in church and then went and visited one of my friends because her sister had a baby.. He’s sooooo cute! Now, I’m on my way back. I won’t get there until a little bit later. I left my car at home in London in preparation for when I get back from holiday and will need to visit people.. Public transport smells stale.. Well this transportation does anyway.
When I get home I need to prep my lunch for the morning and then get to sleep.. I have work and then a doctor’s appointment that I need to not forget! I also have to be up as I have to walk to work all week.. I used to.. I mean it’s only 0.9 miles (or 20 minutes) then I got lazy and then it was constantly raining and I didn’t want to be soaked through and sweaty before getting to work.. Anyway.. I got lazy.. Now I have to be unlazy!
I am quite tired, but I physically cannot sleep on moving vehicles so I will have to wait until I get home to do so..

The weather is beautiful.. Go for a walk.. Enjoy the rest of your day!xo

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 12, 2015.

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