A Week in Review: #27

I have just gotten back from a very tiring gym session. To be honest (not that anyone asked me to lie or anything) I have been tired since the wedding I participated in last weekend.. I rested up okay from that and then the weather improved so dramatically as did my hayfever and increased level of fatigue.. But I would love that weather again..!
Due to the lovely weather during two evenings we had a very exciting lights show.. And when I say lights show I am most definitely referring to the lightning that was lighting up the night sky.. It looked beautiful.. There was no thunder (that I could hear) or rain.. I sat on my window ledge and just watched until I got tired enough to go to sleep.

I’m not counting down or anything.. but Thailand is happening in T-13 days.. I was reminded that I needed to get my vaccinations before I go.. And again, when I say reminded I mean informed.. Haha! I honestly did not realise that I’d need any kind of shots to go on this holiday, I think this is usually due to the fact that I usually go to America, or other places that don’t require them. The only place I have been previously that has required them has been Nigeria.. Anyway, I was doing some reading up on Thailand and found that July – October is actually rainy season.. Oops. The weather will still be lovely but there will most probably be thunderstorms and rain at the same time.. Can you say Monsoon Season? 😛

In other exciting news.. I got two more pieces of furniture for the apartment! On Friday a friend dropped off a new Chest of Drawers that her and another friend decided to buy for me as a present.. I was so overwhelmed! It was totally crazy because of how expensive they were. When I found out what they were purchasing I really tried to dissuade them but they were not listening to me! So I have a box of Ikea furniture outside of my bedroom door! Then on Saturday I picked up a lovely second-hand coffee table for the living room. A colleague from work is on maternity leave and needed some more space in her house for more things for baby and so realised that she needed to get rid of the coffee table and asked me if I wanted it and I jumped at the chance! Oo! I forgot, a friend of mine moved and people kept giving her and her partner things for their new place and they ended up having multiples of quite a few things and she asked me if I needed a lamp.. And I did so she brought one of the three she had for me.. With a light bulb! Brand new.. Still in its packaging! How great is she?! So I now have a complete bedroom set and 1 item of furniture for the living room.. I’m getting there. Whilst on the subject.. Can we please discuss how expensive sofas are?! I mean.. Hello?! These prices are not funny.. I may just have to settle for bean bags haha!

I am going to have to disappear now as I am making some post-gym dinner and I need to ensure that I am not burning my food..!
I have high hopes for this week.. Because why not? Work presents new challenges every day but I do think I am getting better at tackling the varied personalities that jump out at me.. So high hopes, happy faces, hopeful minds. Let’s go into this week smiling hey? 😀


~ by originalapplejunkie on July 5, 2015.

4 Responses to “A Week in Review: #27”

  1. You’ll love Thailand. It isn’t monsoon season yet but just rainy season. It will still be stonking hot though and most of the time totally dry and lovely sunshine. I’m not sure how the rain works in July but later in the year you can almost set your watch by it. It comes about 4 in the afternoon, lasts an hour, then goes again! I don’t know if it will be like that for you but you will be very unlucky if you end up going and have nothing but rain all the time. More likely than not you’ll enjoy wonderful sun for almost all of it (and the rain when it comes should be pretty fantastic too!).

    • I’m looking forward to it but it is a bit of a faff with my vaccinations at the moment because my doctors surgery has no formal record of any vaccinations that I had in 2013.. They have written what I should have in my written notes but didn’t formally enter anything on to the system.. So at the moment I am not thinking about that.. I am also not thinking about some other Thailand based issues that are occurring at the moment. Just hoping for the best.. No stress.. Hopefully

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