Worship Wednesdays #10: Declaration (This Is It!)

My goodness it has been a busy week!

I have been pushed, pulled, reached the end of my tether, felt overwhelmed, inadequate and inept. Was stressing about my job, finances, moving into a home with no furniture and a whole host of other things and then I decided to stop. Took a moment, closed my eyes and just inhaled very deeply before exhaling calm.
I don’t feel like I easily get stressed, but with everything going on I started to feel as if everything was getting on top of me and I couldn’t breathe. It hasn’t been a nice feeling as you can imagine.

In my trips with Penelope (my car) I would play “The Fight of My Life” by Kirk Franklin. The song I want to share with you is the first track (second really because there is a 30 second intro) called Declaration – This is it!
This song sums up the fact that I am refusing to be defeated. I am refusing to be downtrodden and overwhelmed – not just in my working life, but in day to day life overall. I am refusing to believe my finances will be stretched so far that I will be worrying about surviving. This song is literally what is says – a Declaration – of faith, trust and belief in whatever is coming ahead of me.

I hope you love this song.. Believe it or not, this evening was the first time I watched the video.. I like it.. It’s kind of cool.. The dancing is..

Make your declarations, whether it is to be happy, apply for that new job, improve your finances, get out of the depression – I’ve been there, trust me – just make the declaration and say – this is my new start – this is it!

I hope you enjoy this!

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 13, 2015.

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  1. This is it!

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