I’m not perfect.. And I’ve never claimed to be.

This morning.. I was sitting in church listening to our Pastor, Steve Gambill; and a penny drops. I’m not perfect.. But God still loves me. I read a post the other day and it really struck a chord. Grace. Grace is offered freely.. Given to us regardless of who we are.. What we’ve done.
I’m not perfect.. Like the background in the image above. It’s dirty, covered in stains.. Discoloured. But it serves the purpose of being able to see the words printed on it.
I make mistakes. Everyday. I get angry. I’m rude, sometimes I talk back. Sometimes I pre-judge others unintentionally.. But I do. I don’t make the best decisions at times either.. But grace..? Grace accepts me for who I am.. Imperfect, rude at times.. Fiery.. Sometimes I need to think before I speak.. But I am accepted.. And a lot of times I forget it.
Grace accepts people.. Just as they are.

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 26, 2014.

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