Today something awful happened.
Now for normal people it may not be that terrible.. But for me.. Horrific.

So this evening for dinner, I had homemade lentil curry. It was fabulous.. The flavours and textures.. I used to hate lentils.. Found out that when I’d tried them they weren’t actually cooked properly.. Go figure! So anyway.. Best meal.
Because I didn’t think I’d be content with just vegetables (and to up my protein) I decided to bake a chicken breast, shred it and put it on top of my lentils. I found out afterward there was no need. It tasted wonderful without!
The curry finished cooking right as the chicken was ready to come out. With two forks I started shredding the chicken.. I did as best a job I could as it was still hot and put it on top.
I was almost through with my meal when I spooned a portion of lentils onto my bread and put it in my mouth. I started chewing and stopped. It felt like a needle was being pushed into my gum through a tooth on my bottom set of teeth. I started freaking out.. Thinking I’d done something to another tooth that I may need to go to the dentist to sort out. I inhaled, sat up a little bit straighter and bit down again. In my head I panicked.. I didn’t know what it was and I was starting to get more scared than I was.
I put my fingers in my mouth and reached into where the pain was emanating and pulled. On the end of my fingers was a piece of foil.
I was chewing on a piece of foil. Uurgh. I couldn’t believe it.
You know that sound that someone makes when they accidentally scrape their fork across their plate? That’s what it felt like! It felt like that sound!

I was so grossed out I stopped eating and cringed for ages. I’m cringing as I type this now.

I can’t believe I chewed foil!
*shudders* uurgh!

~ by originalapplejunkie on September 28, 2014.

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