Lights Out!

I finished dinner last night and got into bed to watch some TV.
Bedtime was soon approaching so I decided to get up and begin my bedtime routine. I got up lazily and dragged myself toward the bathroom to brush my teeth. I flipped the light on and the lights in the bathroom flashed then went off. That was the fuse gone. Great (!)
I grabbed my torch.. Battery out.. Darnit.. I felt around for my back-up torch, found it and the battery was flat on that too.. I felt my way over to the door of my apartment.. Pulling open the blinds as I did so letting in the night light.. Remembering I had a torch on my phone I grabbed that and made my way back towards the door. I opened my front door. My apartment was the only one with lights out. I knelt down and checked the circuit breaker. The switch for my lights had flipped off when the fuse blew. I positioned it back to ‘on’, stood up and tested out my lights. The main light worked but the fuse blew out the bulbs in my bathroom and in the kitchen.
That’s annoying. I went back to the bathroom with my phone torch, not really being able to see all that greatly and brushed my teeth.
I thought I’d wait until morning to inform the management of what had happened and get my bulbs replaced. I messaged them, expecting them to acknowledge my maintenance needs and until now – 8 hours later – am sitting in the dark waiting for a response.

Hide and seek anyone? Well.. Hide.. Lol.. But be warned.. Without light this game could go on for hours..

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 22, 2014.

6 Responses to “Lights Out!”

  1. Lol are you not allowed to replace bulbs yourself? Up here in St Bees we have the electricity go off A LOT and there’s nothing we can do but sit and wait in the cold and dark – sometimes for many, many hours…

    • I could replace the kitchen bulb myself but I’m not wanting to spend money on bulbs for this place when they don’t even have the common courtesy to do what they should be doing as management!
      Plus, the light in the bathroom was covered by this weird panel thing with about 10 hundred screws!

      • lol – have they replaced them now?

      • They’ve replaced the one in the bathroom, and now it’s like 100 mega watts it’s that bright!
        The one in the kitchen they replaced and it still doesn’t work – he thinks it may be a circuiting issue.
        He also said I should open my window in my room because it smells damp -_- errm..?! Then proceeded to open my window. That annoyed me. I hadn’t been there for 3 days. If it smells damp when it isn’t in occupation surely that’s a problem with the building and not me? My window is always open because I like the fresh air! Cheeky so and so! I was not impressed!

      • lol – oh dear I fear he may come to a tragic end one dark evening… 😉

      • Highly likely at this rate!

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