I’m addicted to Tetris.

You know.. the game where you have to move the shapes to create an impenetrable wall and clear a line of four so you can declare Tetris.

tetrisI play this game every night before bed.. Is that bad?

Yes. That’s a game I started playing and did a screen shot of so I could put it on my blog. Lol. That is bad!

It’s so addictive! I play the 2-player one where you have two minutes to send as many lines over to your opponent as you can in order to win.. or if you send enough lines to knock them out you can win by default before the 2 minutes is over. Awesome.

It’s getting to my bedtime.. and I still have about 9 levels to climb before I can sleep.. I need to get to it!!


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 6, 2014.

4 Responses to “Tetris!”

  1. lol I have periods of time where I play mahjongg or Chess on the laptop obsessively and other times when I do Sudokus from various books instead. Games really are addictive which is fine when you’re a single twenty-something (but less good when you’re a forty-something husband and father!). I wouldn’t be too worried…until you find you failed to go to bed at all! 😉

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