Pancake. Yes. Just the one.

So I wanted bread and then I realised I didn’t have any in my apartment.

I wanted to have scrambled eggs with sausages and a bagel for dinner. Yes. I wanted to eat breakfast for dinner. Why? Why not? 😛

So I didn’t have any bread and I had just gotten in from work and even though the store is a 5 minute walk from my house I was tired and it was cold outside.. so I decided to make a pancake instead.

Oh and I realise bread is probably nothing like a pancake.. but in my head, this was a logical step 😀

photo 1

Yes. Just one. I only made enough batter for one pancake.. Because I only wanted one.

Then I proceeded to add my scrambled eggs and sausages (after adding more sugar and some lemon to my one pancake)..

photo 2

That was the first time I’d made a pancake and not used milk.. I ran out of soya milk so I ended up using water.. but only a fraction of what I usually use in milk until the batter became the consistency I like.
I like thick fluffy pancakes and I was afraid using water that I wouldn’t get that.. but my single pancake came out quite well.. and I flipped it! Twice!

Now my tummy hurts 😦

photo 3

And yes I am eating in bed again.. *smacks wrist* I need to stop that before it becomes a habit. Very naughty.

At least I haven’t drowned my one pancake in syrup.. Right?

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 22, 2014.

10 Responses to “Pancake. Yes. Just the one.”

  1. My Grandmother made breakfast for dinner once a week….are you married yet? 😉

  2. lol very funny – you know you could just make a ‘full English Breakfast’ – that’s acceptable to eat any time of the day! 🙂

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