Day 197..#Mosquito’s..

I am using all my willpower not to scratch.

I have 3 bites on my forearm and one on the back of my hand.

Last night I did not sleep well.

At around 9pm, I realised that there was a mosquito in my room. I took my slipper off and slowly placed it on the table beside me. If the mosquito came back into my view, I was prepared to do what I had to do.

It was taunting me.

For hours the mosquito taunted me. It would land on surfaces, I would slowly pick up my slipper and it would fly off again.

I was determined to get it out of my room before I slept.

I looked at the time again. It was now 2am, and I was ready to go to sleep. I hadn’t heard anything from the mosquito in a while, so I thought I had successfully gotten rid of it.

I lay down and closed my eyes.


I shot up out of bed and slapped myself in the side of the head. Ow.

After I brushed myself down and began to regulate my breathing, I lay back down in bed.

I so close to dozing off when I felt something go into my nose. I screamed and slapped myself in the face. *sigh* Ow.

I blew my nose, went to wash my face and got back into bed, covering my ears and face with my sheets.

I woke up to a “Buzzzz” sound. It was 6:27am. I sat up. Alert.

“Why was this mosquito still in my room?!”

I looked over to the wall above my bed and I saw the mosquito on the wall.

I slowly reached for my slipper on the floor whilst keeping one eye on the mosquito at all times, lifted up my arm slowly and slammed it against the wall!

I looked on the wall. There was no mark. I looked on the back of the slipper and there was no evidence it had ever been there.

“Did I miss it?!” I thought to myself..I hoped not.

I got up to look out of the window as I do in the mornings and saw something sitting on the wall by the window. I went back to get my slipper and slammed it against the wall again.

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I started itching.

3 bites on my forearm, one on the back of my palm and two on my face.

I strongly dislike insects.

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 15, 2012.

17 Responses to “Day 197..#Mosquito’s..”

  1. this was funny, sorry, but i am the same way, and i will keep my bedroom lights on until i kill what ever is in my room!

  2. Welcome to my world!! Mozzies breed by the millions here and every day is a ritual of hunting them down at evening time. We all sleep with mosquito nets over our bed but if one has got in already…you wake up looking like a giant puff ball!! You have my sympathies!

  3. Eucalyptus acts as a great repellent. I was doing battle with them this weekend outdoors. Good Luck!

  4. i’ve had so many of those nights, especially because i live in Australia, the bugs love the hot weather!!

  5. I hate mosquitos as well. Sometimes I wonder what purpose they serve. Them, and ticks.

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