Day 185..#The Way Home..

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So I went for another evening walk today in Lisbon with a friend and it was really nice..

On the way home..we ran into some trouble on the metro..

There was a drunk/homeless (or combination of both) man who had latched himself onto the side of stairs before you got to the platform..

I walked past him and started praying. No joke.

I stood on the platform and he got up and started walking down the stairs towards the platform..people slowly started shuffling down the platform away from him.

He stood by the edge and looked out into the distance..then went back and hugged the wall.

I started to get worried.

Worried that when the train came..he may decide to launch himself in front of it.

Some others had the same concern.

We heard the signal that the train was approaching..looked at the board to confirm and looked back at the man.

All eyes were on him..He walked back and forth from the edge of the platform to the wall. The train was approaching..he was back at the wall..

All of a sudden he ran..lunging himself forward and stopping inches short from the platform edge.

My heart screamed and I stretched out my hands..NO! I thought to myself..not today..not today..

Others lunged forward to stop him..women screamed..the train was sounding its horn..applying his brakes as he came forward and the man looked back at us on the platform..threw his head back and began laughing hysterically.

The women that screamed at him looked on in anger..openly praying on the platform that everything would be fine (I am assuming they were saying this!)

The train stopped without incident, the man boarded and sat next to a girl who looked to be in fear after he fell onto her before falling into the empty seat beside her.

He coughed a few times..she looked around worried. Then he fell asleep.


Never a dull moment in Lisbon!

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 3, 2012.

15 Responses to “Day 185..#The Way Home..”

  1. Nothing like a little feigned suicide to get your heart pumping! Sounds like more excitement than anyone needs!

  2. wow, what a trip. that would have scared me to death for fear for this poor soul…………he needs god

  3. You know, last night I walked home from a night out and as I was saying goodbye to a friend he hinted that he intended to do something to himself… I didn’t know (and still don’t!) how worried I should be. Whether it was a cry for help or something that was really genuine… Man. I can totally understand just how worrying that must have been for you. Hope you’re alright.

  4. Its so sad that some just get left behind. Sounds like he has just run out of hope.

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