Day 171..#Mosquito Bites and Hayfever..

As I sit here typing well as itching to go home, I’m also itching due to numerous mosquito bites I’ve received over the past few days and itching due to hayfever..

The two latter have forced me to remain indoors today!

I ran out of my hayfever tablets last week Friday and desperately searched pharmacies in Portugal all morning Saturday to see if I could find a replacement.

I found one to no avail! 😦

A combination of mosquito-ridden skin and what seem to be severe allergies have forced me to be confined to my room until the weekend..but at least I can get a lot of studying done..which I have done today.

I initially started off frustrated that I didn’t understand it..then I took a 45 minute break and went back to it..working through it slowly and at 19:50, completed my 1st topic somewhat

Back to the itchies..I did step out of my house this evening for about an hour to run to the grocery store and managed to have a semi-sneezing was so embarrassing!

The pollen in Portugal is terribly high this year (I say this like I’ve been here for so much and the bites are terribly annoying!

I even killed a mosquito in my room this morning after a mini freak out which ended up with me on the floor.

*sigh* I don’t learn.

You know when things are closer to your line of vision (like flies and whatnot) and they appear much bigger than they actually are and you start swatting around??

That’s all I will say on the matter. Lol!

I have Fenistil Gel for my bites, and my sister is passing through Portugal on Saturday she’s bringing me some more Piriton!! YAY!

*Saved by the sister!*

Oh and you know that post I wrote last week about them not collecting the trash. They still haven’t.

Don’t worry..I’m not going to post another picture of what it looks like..because it’s terrible..I only hope it’s rectified soon..Masses of garbage, plus the Portuguese can only imagine what it smells like..blergh!


Anyway, I’m off to cook some Southern Fried Chicken..

Have a great night =)

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 171..#Mosquito Bites and Hayfever..”

  1. I can’t like this, because I know the frustration and irritation of hayfever only too well! Hope you get some relief soon. Shameless plugging here, but you might like to know that the Spineless Wonders will soon be experiencing some hayfever issues. 😦

  2. Do they sell Avon there? If not, get someone to send you some skin-so-soft. That’ll keep you from getting future mosquito bites.

  3. good blog, b ut the southern fried chicken caught me eye. tell me how you make it?

    • Lol!
      It’s basically chicken, that has been boiled in water with bouillon cubes, left to cool..then dipped in buttermilk then in a seasoned flour coating, then baked/fried..I’ll do a post about it soon! πŸ™‚

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