Day Ninety-Five..#Embarrassing Moment..

First and foremost..I am not upset.

Neither am I angry.

I am confused.

And probably more embarrassed than anything else!

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So yesterday, I received an email from my “Bank” in the UK claiming that there had been some unusual activity on my card..and that it had been used in a foreign location, and that they had to verify my details within 48 hours or they will put a block on my card.

Now I say “Bank” because although the email looked like it legitimately came from my bank, problem number one was that the notification was sent to the wrong email address.

Never had I given my bank the email address that it went to..and I found that strange..what was even more weird to me was that the content of the email actually applied to my situation..I have been using my card in Portugal to pay for purchases and other things since I have come here.

Anyway..I clicked on the link in the email and it transferred me to a login page that looked very legit. I entered my Customer number and hit next on the screen. It took me to the next page where it asked me to enter my FULL pin and my FULL password..I knew it was a scam!
In the security section of my bank, it states: “We never ask customers to enter their full PIN and password when logging into online banking – you will only ever be asked for random portions of your security details.

So sent the phishing team at my bank an email, including the forwarding email I had received, and by the morning, a warning had been placed on the site that it was a suspected phishing scam.


Okay..roll on the day.

I spent the afternoon studying. Then took a break around 7:30 to write a list, as I needed to do a little grocery shopping before the stores closed at 9pm.

Armed with my list and a few bags..I headed down the street to the grocery store.

I got there and proceeded round the store grabbing only the things that were on my list..I even did a second sweep and picked up nothing extra! I was so proud of myself!

I got to the cashier and she swiped my goods through as I loaded up my bag.

Everything came up to €19.13..not bad I thought to myself!

I pulled out my card and put it in the machine..entered my pin code and pressed enter.


I raised my eyebrows and looked at the cashier assuming she had pressed a button cancelling it by mistake. She asked me in Portuguese to take the card out and put it back in. I did so. Entered my pin and pressed enter.


I took the card out and looked at it. Was I entering the wrong pin? So I tried a 3rd time.


As you can imagine..quite a line was forming behind me and I had begun to almost panic.

The cashier then insisted on trying another two times to no avail. The people in the line behind me started whispering in Portuguese and the cashier rolled her eyes at me. I smiled. She then told me to go and try the ATM to see if it would let me withdraw money so I went round the corner and placed my card in the machine.

Operation Not Authorised 😦

It actually had a sad face next to it.

My bank had blocked my card. And this was NOT the first time.

I went back and told her it wasn’t working, all the while I was still holding up the now 5 people strong queue.

The woman that was behind me shook her head.

I told the cashier I had to leave the groceries..then she asked me “What about your bag?”

“You can have it” I said as I walked away.


I have never been so embarrassed in all my life.

I am certain that I have enough money on that card because I am always checking my balance online as that is how I manage my accounts..and the funny thing is that I have used that card in Portugal what happened there is beyond me. When I came home I even checked my account to see if I had made some sort of mistake. I had not. Funds were indeed present.

Now comes the rant:
On several occasions, I have witnessed things happening to people in supermarkets – leaving their cards somewhere, not being able to pay, cards not working, etc..and on more than one occasion, whenever I could, I have always offered to help someone out. Now I am not boasting at the fact that I’ve done this..or am trying to make myself sound in anyway arrogant..but that’s just the kind of person I am..I assist where I can..expecting nothing in return.
I was extremely surprised that people were just looking and whispering and that the cashier became frustrated with me about something that was no fault of my own. I have previously held a job where it involved working on the tills and I can say that that never happened to customers that often, but when it did they were clearly embarrassed and the best thing that you can do for them is try and assist in any way to make it better. Now I understand that not everybody has the same mindset..but if I saw someone else in the situation I was in..I would jump in and help..and I know I would because like I said..I have it done it before.


Rant over.

I need it to be tomorrow.

I’m going to sleep.

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 5, 2012.

15 Responses to “Day Ninety-Five..#Embarrassing Moment..”

  1. Rant well deserved, love!
    DISLIKE! 😦

    What a crappy day for you. It stinks that it’s so hard not to be cynical in a world where so many people are trying to screw you over. Then when bad stuff does happen, no one does anything positive to help. That stinks.

    (Warning, I can tell this is going to be a long comment!)

    My Mum went to Barcelona with her friend for a weekend and her friend got mugged. When they went to the police station, there was a queue of British holiday makers who had all been mugged… My Mum gave this lady something like 50 euros to keep her going. Incidentally, that lady also sent the money back to my mum when she got home from her holiday! So not everyone sucks, but sometimes it is just hideous seeing the poorer side of human nature… 😦

    Now, tonight my Mum took me out for a delicious meal in Glasgow city centre. We saw a young woman and her skirt was tucked inside her knickers… eek! I ran up to her, tapped her on the back and said “Excuse me, your skirt’s up your bum!” Funnily enough, her initial reaction was “Oh, I’m sorry!” Lol. Now, my point is, once again, that even though she was completely mortified, at least someone told her rather than let her walk around with her skirt tucked up inside her pants… I dread to think how long she’d been walking through town like that!!!

    Hope your night gets better – sorry for the super long response!!!

    • It’s okay!
      Based on this experience..I’m not going to change who I am and what I do..and I didn’t just put that out there to get some recognition for it..I just was trying to prove a point..and I hope it came across like that!
      Again..I will not change who I am..because I like me..and if I’m in a position to help others I always’s just my I know everyone is not mean..the majority are not..and that’s what keeps me going I guess!
      Thanks for the response..super long..but super encouraging πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Bird!
        I intend to!

      • No, it came across in a good way! Sometimes I wonder if people are too shy to be nice… weird, eh? You should always stay true to yourself, you’re quite right! πŸ™‚

      • that’s an interesting concept..too shy to be nice.. never know..some may feel like they’re interfering maybe..or maybe think they will further embarrass the person..that’s a valid statement..

      • Yet it’s a crap reason for not helping someone….! Lol. All I can say is, ‘People are strange… when you’re a stranger…’ do you know that Doors song? It rocks! πŸ™‚

      • They are! Sometimes..
        and I don’t know if I know that song..*she trotters off to look for it..*

  2. Wow, so sorry that happened to you….Unfortunately, I’ve been there before! The fact that you notified your bank about the suspicious site probably somehow affected your account overall. Hopefully the problem will be rectified asap. I understand what you mean about someone helping…we are all here for one another, and it would have been fabulous if you were offered some assistance. Look on the bright side, you actually do have the money though πŸ™‚

  3. Ya know, it’s happened to the best of us. Some people just look for a reason to look down on others. They don’t matter.


    Hi, Little Girl! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award…Hope you play!

    — Bird

  5. I help people, too. I’ve spent a small fortune giving people in the line before me money to cover their purchases…I don’t regret it, even if it never comes back as a blessing to me. God sees what we do, and He has our rewards… Keep on keeping on Apple!

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