Day Ninety-Three..#Fighting myself..

As I sit here typing this..

I’ve probably fallen asleep at least twice.

It happens..on occasion..even though my bed is not that far away from my study space..but the truth is..this kind of sleep usually takes you by surprise!


I’ve always had this fear of falling asleep on public transportation..

Today I came dangerously close.

So..I’m tired..and still far away from home..on a bus..or the train..and my head starts to feel light..and my eyes heavy..

As much as I’d like to be able to sleep right then and brain automatically goes into panic mode and convinces me that if I dare attempt to sleep (on whatever mode of transport I happen to be on) people will take pictures of me drooling..I’ll miss my stop..or get kidnapped. Or robbed.

I know those are like outlandish and awfully random thoughts..but hey..I have a wild imagination.

Plus the last time I fell asleep outside of my house, I was on my way back from church in the van dropping people off..I was sleeping in one of the seats and we got into an accident.

To be woken up by that violent jolting movement was the scariest thing ever. Sure enough I felt like my heart was about to jump out of my chest and I went into shock after 10 minutes of realising what had happened.

*..So maybe my wild imagination is justified..hmm*

But anyway..I went to University early today and successfully completed a project due in two weeks..I’m so proud!

I then came home and had to run some errands..when I got back..I thought I should eat..*but I don’t think I was hungry..I think I just did it because..* then I marinated my ribs for dinner tomorrow..popped them in the fridge and decided to take a nap.

I lay down and realised I was too full..

As tired as I was (still am!)..I can’t sleep on a full stomach..because its so uncomfortable..

And I’m not moaning..I just really want to take a nap *she sniffles*


It’s 19.07..and I’m weighing the pro’s and cons of now taking a’ll wake up refreshed and energised..con’s..I won’t be able to sleep when it comes to bedtime because I took a nap to close to the end of the day..I’ll wake up late tomorrow morning and need to get some more work done..

Maybe I can ride it out!

*You know when you rest your head on your hand when you’re bored..I attempted to do that to support the enormity of how heavy my head was feeling and my head slipped off my hand and almost hit the table..ha ha! That woke me up for about 5 minutes! lol!*


Must. Stay. Awake!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 3, 2012.

10 Responses to “Day Ninety-Three..#Fighting myself..”

  1. I fell asleep playing hide and seek with my little one. She woke me up by telling me to be quiet because I was snoring. Sad.


    • cute and yet so funny at the same time..
      I’m sure she realised that you guys were playing a game and thought “Daddy must be tired..but I’ll wake him up anyway”

    • cute and yet so funny at the same time..
      I’m sure she realised that you guys were playing a game and thought “Daddy must be tired..but I’ll wake him up anyway”

  2. I love posts about sleeping! 🙂 I lived for “power naps” during college…still love sneaking daytime naps in now when I’m able to do so.

    I can only imagine how scary that accident was…no wonder you are afraid to sleep while traveling! Plus, I think staying awake on public trans. is probably a really good idea 🙂 Especially if someone catches you drooling and snaps a pic…and if that happens, be sure to share with your blog readers!

    Enjoyed reading your answers to the “tag” today….blessings!

    • I’m all for nap-time!
      But there’s a certain point in the day when you have to assess whether it will do more harm than good..I’ve noticed after 7 I can’t matter how tired I am (well I can..but it’s not really a good idea!)..because then I end up going to sleep around 4am..then I’m more tired during the day and pretend to be confused as to I sincerely think the heat here is playing a factor’s like dry oven heat in opposed to moist heat! I’m not complaining..but sometimes it takes it out of you!
      I have never fallen asleep on public transport! ha ha..I fear that the next time I search myself on google I will find a random picture of me with my head flung back and mouth open fully in la-la land. That is NOT a risk I am willing to take!

      • lol…you are too funny!

        And in regards to my previous comment (skin irritations), I wouldn’t say you have to suffer with no relief….there were some things prescribed that would offer some help….cortizone 10 (?) is about the best thing I found and it’s over the counter

      • It’s the truth! ha ha!
        I can’t handle that kind of publicity! lol!
        I’m not suffering per sae..I made up my own mixture of aloe vera gel and a little petroleum jelly and when that dries (ish..cuz it kinda doesn’ I add some Nivea moisturising cream..
        I was just going to go and get my regular E45 which I used before..but its crazy expensive out here..when my cousin comes to visit I threatened that if she didn’t bring me any I’d leave her at the airport..ha ha ha!

      • well if that is the threat, I’m sure she’ll have a whole case load of the E45 🙂 (if not for those crazy luggage fees!)

      • I told her just one would do..more than one..or getting stopped at the airport for carrying too much lotion..I don’t know her!
        Ha ha! That’s when they start testing them for drug content..and from that’re on your own! I’ll see you on the other side..ha ha

      • lol….as long as she can avoid the cavity searches! I can’t even believe those are legal….

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