Day Two..#Goodbye London, Hello Lisbon

Good evening!

Forgive me for not posting sooner..but I’ve been travelling since the early afternoon.

I left my house at 13:20pm (GMT Time) and my dad drove me to the train station..where I got on the train to Victoria where I was supposed to get the 2pm connecting train to Gatwick Airport..

After fighting with my luggage to get it up the stairs and onto the platform at Victoria *THOUGHT: They really need to put some sort of step free access in that station..*sigh*..Lo & Behold I get there at 13:59 and the train is pulling out from the platform..I was not a happy bunny.

So I waited 15 minutes for the next one then set out on my I was sitting there..watching the world go by..I was kinda sad to be leaving the UK after what I felt was an indecently short visit..all the while praying to myself that my luggage was not over the required allowance *I clearly knew it was..but I was practising the power of prayer!*

So I got off the train at Gatwick Airport and went up to the South Terminal to check myself in..she asked me for my passport..then asked me where I was going..I said Lisbon and she swipes my passport, then asks me to place my bag on the conveyor *The Moment..Of Truth..*crosses fingers and closes eyes*..I look at the reads 25.3..the limit is 23kg..I look at the woman and I am sure that I stop breathing for a split second *This airline doesn’t mess with people going over their baggage allowance..I have been witness to it before!*..She doesn’t even bat an eyelid..she just prints out the luggage tag, sticks it on my bag, gives me my passport and boarding pass and tells me to have a nice flight..


So as I walked away from the check in desk..thanking God I didn’t have to pay extra..I called my dad to tell him what happened and he just laughed and said that’s good!
So I went through Border Security and everything and boarded the plane and we took off well within schedule with the pilot even making an announcement about how we were going to be arriving 30 minutes early! So I took out my book and began reading..

An hour into the journey, we get given a sandwich and a drink..I open the drink thinking it’s apple and start drinking and I get this horrible weird tasting sludge in my mouth..I looked at the bottle and it was pear! I was so was SO disgusting! One of the stewardesses heard me coughing..*I really didn’t want to swallow it*..and came and asked me *in Portuguese* if I was okay..I nodded, and she went and brought me some water..I couldn’t not swallow the pear “drink” so I drank the water and prayed it would stay down :s

Then I spilled the remaining water on my jeans..don’t even ask me how..*shakes head*

So we land fine, I get off the plane collect my luggage and head for the soon as I step out of the doors, the bus I’m supposed to get is at the bus stop..I couldn’t be bothered to run because I was so tired so I let it go..lool..yes..I let it go 🙂

So eventually I get back to my apartment..shattered and hungry and I walk into my room and see this on my desk..

Alix & I

I literally just dropped my bag..knelt down on the floor..looked at the picture and smiled. It is one of my favourite photo’s on me and my house mate Alix who has unfortunately gone back to France 😦

Getting back to the apartment after such a long day of travelling and after all my mishaps *my conditioner also decided to open itself up inside my luggage and fling itself about..*sigh*..and seeing this is priceless :*


That was a lovely welcome back to Lisbon..I feel like it’s going to be an amazing year 🙂


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 2, 2012.

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