The World’s Strictest Parents

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child..

So I was sitting at work watching “The World’s Strictest Parents” on BBC iPlayer (I know..I’ve got a pretty laid back job to be able to do that!) and I was disgusted at the attitude of some of these kids towards other people and their parents.

For all those who don’t know, “The World’s Strictest Parents” is a series that looks at “problem” children (if we can call them that..I just think they need to be disciplined to be honest..but that’s just my own opinion) from the UK, that are sent to live with “Strict Families” – so to speak – in different parts of the world, in the hope that upon their child’s return they will be behaved, respectful and may have learnt some manners!
Er..asking for a bit much aren’t we?

THOUGHT: With all due respect, it is not the job of the parents to train/bring their kids up to be respectful individuals who don’t swear, shout or verbally abuse them?

When I was growing up..I remember an incident that took place with me and my dad.
I must have been 8 or 9 years old and was walking to school with my dad and little brother. My dad was talking to me and for a reason unbeknownst to me – laughing, I told my dad to shut up.
We stopped. I was still laughing. My dad looked at me – came down to my level *parents coming down to your level when your that small is kinda scary* and told me that if I ever told him to shut up again – I would be in serious trouble! Then he said something about not being my age-mate..lool..anyway, from that day, the fear of my father was instilled in was crazy!

However, nowadays, that is certainly not the case.
I was in Tesco the other know as you are..buying groceries and whatnot and amongst other customers, there was a woman and her little girl in the same aisle *I say little girl very loosely – she looked about 9*. The little girl had asked for something and her mom said no – she then started having a little hissy fit and was told to behave and calm down otherwise she could not have what she had asked for.
THOUGHT: Please note that she had already been told she couldn’t have what she asked for and her mother was now attempting to strike a compromise in the store..really? *shakes head*
Anyway..the little girl now turns around and tells her mother to shut up! Her mom then proceeds to tell her that she’ll be grounded if she continues with the behaviour she is displaying – the child then tells her mother to “eff off!” *yes, you get the censored version :)*  and storms off kicking the trolley and the woman just carries on shopping!

Now WAIT! 1) Are you absolutely void of all sorts of common sense?!
I obviously must not fear for your life if you can openly swear at your parent(s) in public like that – it aint about not having a “no repercussions” clause when your child(ren) reach a certain age!

In years gone – *when beating your kids wasn’t illegal I mean* – even if you were out and being mischievous or whatever – you knew if someone saw you that knew your parents, they would find absolutely no problem in disciplining you themselves wherever you were – *that gave new meaning when parents said they had eyes everywhere*

THOUGHT: Watching “The World’s Strictest Parents” is certainly upsetting – with all due respect – watching parents that don’t seem to have a grasp on parenthood and can’t control their child is emotional to say the least..

I can your parent tell you that you can’t go out, but you then shout at them to tell them that you will do whatever you want regardless of what they say and be drinking and doing other things whilst saying this

THOUGHT: MUST have been smoking yam to be raising your voice to your parents whose home you are living in and who brought you into this world! I’m just saying!

FURTHER NOTE: These times parents shouldn’t waste time trying to compromise with a child – I mean who is the parent? These times I’ll just beat you and feel no way about it!
Most of it seems to be attention-seeking if it really took one week to straighten them out!

But in regards to the programme – I applaud the “strict families” that these wayward kids are sent to for doing well with their own kids – isnoreasy!

THOUGHT: I wonder why they never send these kids to Africa..*he he*

Parents are all well and good trying to make their kids happy, but sometimes there need to be boundaries – and sometimes that calls for you to be the parent in the household instead of trying to be their best friend.

And for all those parents who has raised amazing kids (like my parents :))..hats off to you for such a wonderful job! xx


~ by originalapplejunkie on July 20, 2011.

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