It was February 11th, a Friday.
I was watching Slumdog Millionaire (well…attempting to), when my laptop just froze…like completely.
It was weird because there were no programs open…

So there I was…confused…so ya know…like you do, I pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE and you know what happened?

Zero. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip.

THOUGHT: Yeah I know you get the idea, but I’m slightly distressed

So I hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE again. And again. And then another time (I kinda lost count after the first 6 tries) and so hit the power off button.

BIG mistake. HUGE!

I power up and nothing. I hadn’t officially gone into panic mode yet. So I hit it up again and it started up *exhales and sigh’s of relief*…then a black screen comes up that says
“Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.”

THOUGHT:What the frick?!

Windows was the one that told me I needed to update my hardware and Windows was the one that started installing all its new components…I was just following the cries of my laptop…or so I thought they were cries.

So I thought…okay…my options were either to press enter and try again or press escape (don’t actually know what the escape button was supposed to do…but I hit it anyway!)…So I pressed enter…*another mistake*…it started up again and said the same thing…so I hit power off…took out my DVD and breathed in and out slowly tryna convince myself that when I switched it back on…everything would be fine and dandy…

THOUGHT: So yeah…that didn’t actually happen btw!

So I powered up again and this time I got a different message…telling me I needed to unplug all my external hard drives or make sure they were plugged in properly…*note* I don’t have an external hard drive.

Epic Fail. Epic.

So then I thought…if I go to sleep and wake up…maybe it was a dream…or like a dream within a dream…*been watching Inception TOO much!*…so I took a nap…woke up and switched it on.

Yeah…nothing happened. I got my 1 of 3 messages that kept coming up…and I stared at the screen 4 a while…*as blank a face as it was staring at me* and I closed it slowly, left my room and walked to my kitchen.

It hasn’t looked at me since that fateful day…sometimes I think I hear my playlist going on iTunes…but I convince myself that that can’t be true.

So R.I.P. My trusty friend, confidant and companion…I’ll always remember the times we shared…*so sad*

THOUGHT:I’m just annoyed that I lost my high score for Spider Solitare! And the past 3 years of Uni work…of course!


Closed for business...x

Closed for business…x

~ by originalapplejunkie on February 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “R.I.P”

  1. Why don’t you boot into a linux distro ( with the help of one of the University nerds… there are plenty of us) and get your data of of the computer. You provided no information regarding the errors so I can’t even point you in a direction.

    Based upon your blog title I can only assume you own or are going to own a mac. So perhaps my post is futile.

    Good Luck.

  2. I did a simple google search for the model. It is a stylish notebook yes. It also has windows 7. Compared to the base Macbook it is about half as powerful. I don’t know what your needs are for it. I personally as a media creator couldn’t use it do to its low power processor.

    I would recommend at least a Corei3 processor in anything you look at. I am not normally a mac person but you may want to look at other offers.

    Here is a link to a powerful small form form factor laptop. It is a thirteen inch notebook with a corei3 and 4GB of ram. It should serve you well for several years.


    Either the Enhanced Or The Performance are excellent.

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