A Week in Review: #24

I woke up on Saturday morning at around 5:15am to the smell of burning. It was weird because I woke up and then I breathed in and immediately I was awake. My mind started going into overdrive as I mentally went over the switches of all my kitchen appliances in my head. I started to panic. I looked over at the window and saw smoke billowing past. I jumped out of bed and pressed my face against the window. It took me all of 1 minute to realise that it wasn’t my apartment that was on fire. My relief quickly subsided and a panic set in. I opened my window and looked out. There were several firemen running around the forecourt below and a fire truck was being guided onto the premises. In my haste I grabbed a pair of jeans, some shoes, my jacket, phone and keys and headed out of the door. I got to the stairs and started heading down. I got down two flights of stairs before I encountered any firemen telling me to pass on quickly and get outside. I stood outside in the rain texting a friend a minute by minute play by-play of what was happening. Another fire truck pulled up and more men jumped out and started running towards the forecourt/car park area – some time later a paramedic arrived to treat someone for shock I assume.

The second fire truck pulling up outside the front of my building..

The second fire truck pulling up outside the front of my building..

I stood in the doorway of my apartment block waiting for them to tell us it was okay to go back in. We stood out there for about an hour before being told the blaze has been extinguished and we could go back in. I got back up to my apartment thankful that it had not been more serious but I was now too awake and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started cleaning because what else can you do at 6:30am. I stuck my head out of my front room window and saw the firemen were discarding burnt/fire damaged units, the extractor and kitchen appliances from the burnt out apartment down into the forecourt. I closed my window and continued cleaning. After some time I managed to tire myself out and headed back to bed. By this time it was probably about 9:00am. Around an hour afterwards I was awoken by the mailman calling the intercom to alert me to a package. I threw some clothes on and again ventured downstairs. I got back up to my apartment and caught up on a few more hours sleep and got up and set about my day. At around 3:00pm my doorbell rang. I look through the peephole and there stood two fire safety officers wanting to come in to inform and check on residents after the incident in the morning as well as make sure everyone had functioning fire alarms installed. I let them in to test my alarms, explaining that I had only just moved in and they were free to roam. They went over some safety advice with me and I asked them quite a few questions in response. They explained that the fire was started by a drunk man and his friends returning from a night out, wanting to cook something, putting a chip pan on the cooker and going to sleep. It sounded like a television commercial that warns of the dangers of drinking and cooking – it was surreal. Thankfully, no one was injured and that is the most important thing.

My week has been eventful and ended with a bang – quite literally!
This is however the start of a new week that I have incredibly high hopes for.
I am yet to finish unpacking my apartment as I am still trying to get my furniture together and bought but I am hoping that I can get it sorted out by the end of the week..

I am pooped.. Work in the morning and it is definitely past my bedtime.. There is my little update.

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 14, 2015.

2 Responses to “A Week in Review: #24”

  1. Yet again that streak is coming out where weird and mildly dangerous things happen to you…

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