A Week in Review: #20

Did I tell you I was moving?

I can’t remember how much, if anything; I told you about my housing situation so I’ll give you a quick overview 🙂 Moved into the apartment I am in now a year ago at the end of this month. It is a two-bed so I moved in with someone who I used to work with. Things happened, we fell out and now we’re going our own separate ways. I have found an apartment, but the only issue is that it is unfurnished. Yesterday I bought a bed. Now I have to figure out a way that I am going to collect it and also where I am going to store it until I am ready to move. Definitely excited that I will not be sleeping on the ground in a week and a half though!

On top of all that’s happening on the housing front, I am also super busy at work and outside of work at the moment because we have a conference coming up at church.. The biggest one of the year and it is going to be wonderful but it is definitely going to be hard work.

Last week, as with a number of weeks previously, I have been drowning in paperwork. It is going to be very busy this week as the paperwork I gave out I will be getting back in the droves! I will definitely need assistance.. Whether anyone will have any spare time is something that I will have to find out.

It is hard for me to not come home, get into my pajamas and climb into bed. Every time I don’t do that I am very proud of myself. The fact of the matter is I do too much and probably need to pull back on the reins a little. I love the fast-paced bustle that is my life but sometimes it is okay to stop too..

I hope this week is a great one!

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 17, 2015.

2 Responses to “A Week in Review: #20”

  1. This all sounded remarkably upbeat which is good to see/read. I hope you’re still doing ok and managed to rebalance that life style of yours 😉

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