Today has been a chill day. It is Bank Holiday so that only seems right.
Today the spotlight is on James Blake. He is an amazing artist that grew up round the corner from where I grew up in London. The song I am sharing comes off his album titled Overgrown and it is apparently about falling in love. I say apparently because if you listen to the lyrics it also talks about being on your own – as if  the girl he’s referring to has gone ‘away’. He also talks about ignoring everyone else and being alone with her only to follow by being hit by ‘darkness’ that could indicate something else.. I don’t know.. There is so much to feel and understand within this 4-minute composition. There are parts within the track where there is just the melody with some humming in the background before his voice crashes through the melody and grabs your attention. I know a lot of people probably may have never heard of James Blake before or any of his music, have a listen to this song and some of his others and let me know what you think.. Without further ado, here is Retrograde by James Blake.

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 4, 2015.

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