Worship Wednesdays #9: Mercies

So my quest to not complain this week..? I failed. Miserably. I will definitely try again, but maybe starting with one week has proven to be a little bit too ambitious.. I managed a day and now maybe I can manage Thursday and Friday.. See where that leaves me 🙂

My search for a housemate has proved fruitless and it seems like I’ll be having to move home very soon. I think that it will all work out though. I say that even though my inner being is screaming with worry..

Today I am going to share a song by Israel Houghton featuring Kirk Franklin called Mercies. I have said countless times that Israel (and Kirk)are my go-to artists when I am feeling all those crazy out of control emotions – I feel that when they sing their music they’ve definitely written those particular songs (whatever I have chosen to listen to at the time) for me!

This is one of those songs..
I have included the lyrics below as it is pretty uptempo 🙂

Nobody said things would always be easy
Nobody said it would always be nice
Nobody said that every day would turn out perfectly right
Somebody said my yoke is easy
Somebody said my burden is light
Somebody said that weeping only lasts for just a night
So when your day comes to an end
And your night is closing in
Tears fall uncontrollably
But you’re gonna see

Oh Oh Oh your help is on the way
You gotta know
Tomorrow is another day
His mercies are fresh every morning

Nobody said there would always be sunshine
Nobody said there would never be rain
Nobody said that you would never have just one of those days
Somebody said that I’ll be your lifeline
Somebody said I’ll take all your pain
Somebody said that I specialize in impossible things

When there’s darkness all around
And you feel like breakin’ down
Tears fall uncontrollably
But you’re gonna see

Every morning
Grace is dawning
Sun is rising favor fallin’
Goodness and mercy will follow
You every day
So don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you be afraid
Everything will be okay
In the mornin’

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 29, 2015.

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