A Week in Review: #14

Happy Easter everyone!

This week has been good.. I’ve been home for the weekend and will be heading back up North tomorrow because I need to get some work done before I’m back to work on Wednesday – Get that? *hehe*

On Monday I was at work and realised that I probably needed to go grocery shopping after work if I wanted to have lunch and dinner for the rest of the week. Unfortunately on Monday there was also a random rainstorm wind crazy thing which basically meant that there was no way I was walking home with my shopping (as I couldn’t hold shopping bags and an umbrella and I had left my hat at home) and probably had to call a taxi – which I did end up doing. So back to the story – I called a taxi and waited for about 30 minutes before it finally arrived. I got in and there was traffic everywhere.. I’d been in the taxi for about 40 minutes – it is usually a 10 minute drive at best from the supermarket to my house – before the taxi driver looked at me in the mirror and asked me if I minded getting out and walking home. I looked at him confused at the question – He asked me again. I said yes I would mind but he ended up pulling up two streets away from my apartment in the windy hale rain asked me if I minded getting out. Long story short, I ended up walking home and getting drenched before getting there with my groceries!

Moral of the story – Always insist!

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful – aside from the fact that my housemate said she doesn’t know if she wants to renew our housing contract when it’s nearing expiry – so I may need to find a new apartment! I do not want to move again but it seems like I may have to. I love my apartment! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh 😦
I’ll most definitely keep you updated..!

Happy Easter!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 5, 2015.

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