A Week in Review: #4


It hasn’t really been a very eventful week.. But then I said that last week didn’t I? Ha ha!
First.. Some photographs!


So! First photo (top left) and last photo (bottom right) are photos of my new ride! It was so exciting to go home this weekend and drive it around! It is beautiful machine and definitely love at first drive!
I went on a journey across London.. My first in the car and it was okay.. Although admittedly also a little upsetting! I bought an in-car phone holder so I could put my phone somewhere where I could still use the sat nav. I got into the car on Saturday morning and tried to fit it.. It didn’t fit too well.. But it was useful enough for me to see.. BIG mistake! Every time I went over a hump or stopped at traffic lights, my phone would slide lower and lower into the holder.. Until I was forced to adjust it so I could see where I was going. I’m not a multitasking driver as of yet.. So the adjusting also came with a few swerves! I also ended up in the wrong lane twice and had not so happy drivers giving me a piece of their mind! To be honest, the drive wasn’t that bad.. I just get a little worried when I am going to an area that I have never been to before and I cannot see Google Maps because I have a stupid in-car holder!

On Wednesday, it snowed (bottom left photo). Like really snowed.. But not really snowed like Scotland snowed, but it snowed! I bought some military type boots in 2009 as a present to myself for passing my exams first time. I was quite proud of myself and I felt a £90 pair of boots were not that bad! Fast forward 6 years and I still have them.. The colour has worn, but the tread is still as great as they were the first day I bought them!
The snow was beautiful though.. It lasted all of two days then disappeared! Thank goodness!

This weekend – in addition to seeing my car – I went to the engagement party of a very good friend (top right). A lot of my friends have gotten engaged over the past few months and so engagement parties have been plenty! Me and this girl (and the one in the middle!) have been friends for over 10 years so it was amazing to see her engaged, happy and planning a wedding! It was a great night and I met some amazing people!

Like I said.. It wasn’t too much of an eventful week.. Back to work tomorrow.. Oh the joys (!)
Have a great evening! xo

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 25, 2015.

2 Responses to “A Week in Review: #4”

  1. Great to see the pics. Your week was more eventful than mine!

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