A Week in Review: #2

The week started off okay… It was eventful! Back to work on Monday morning to prepare for the influx of assignments to be submitted by Wednesday 7 at 3pm. For all of you that don’t know, I work at a University as a Programme Administrator – which means I do everything and anything relating to administration. I will refrain to say anything further on my role…

So Monday went quite quickly and I was quite grateful.

On Wednesday, it was the birthday of one of my friends… Unfortunately, as I was working, there was no way of me making it to the celebrations 😦 This girl is all kinds of amazing! We’ve been friends since secondary (high) school and actually started growing closer after we left! She’s a great girl and an even better travel buddy!
Wednesday – if you watch the news – was also the day of the Charlie Hebdo Parisian massacre. When I heard what was going on it broke my heart. I’ve had several conversations with people, some of whom were not surprised at the attack due to the nature of it and others as shocked as I was. I believe that what happened was wrong. I do not feel that maybe after knowing what happened in 2012 when the same company released cartoon images, they should have known it would stir up a bit of a problem. However in saying that, everyone is entitled to free press and I do not feel that the threat and/or presence of violence should stop people from expressing that. What happened makes me sick to my stomach and I do not nor will I ever condone or support those who condone such actions. France have shown amazing resilience, starting a “Je suis (I am) Charlie” campaign to show their support and make people aware that they stand united. France have not had the best week, but I am glad that after such terrible tragedy they are able to come together and say we will not be scared, challenged, threatened or defeated. My thoughts go out to the families and friends of the 10 employees of Charlie Hebdo magazine and the 2 police officers that lost their lives on Wednesday… The police officer that lost her life on Thursday and the four Jewish people who lost their lives on the Friday when a gunman opened fire in a Jewish grocery store 😦

On Wednesday evening – I received a response to an email I sent in relation to purchasing a car. Quick overview, I have been looking more actively recently at the prospect of purchasing a car. I have seen so many, sent a boatload of emails and made an uncountable number of phone calls all looking for the perfect one. Over the Christmas break I found a vehicle I liked, but as I was too slow off the mark it got sold a few days after I became aware of it! I was sad! It was an amazing offer! Not to be deterred I kept looking and found another. Much higher in price than the previous, but I thought I’d send an email just in case. I did and they didn’t respond so I sent a few more. After more non-responsiveness I gave up. Then on Wednesday I got an email back from the seller telling me the car was still available. I was over the moon! I called my dad and best friend to tell them the news. Long story short, it was a scam, but fortunately for me I wised up just about long enough to realise things weren’t quite as they seemed. I reported the advertisement and it has since been removed. Scammers will ever cease to amaze me in the levels they will go to rip people off! Really gets under my skin… So I’m back to the drawing board.

On Friday, I had a scary and weird day at work. The weird involved a gentleman coming into our office requesting assistance for an essay he had been writing even though he was not doing a course at the University and wasn’t a student. The scary involved the same gentleman acting in a manner that would lead us to believe he wanted to cause us harm and security was called. The last time I was that afraid I was being followed. It is not a nice feeling!

Over this weekend I did some grocery shopping, made lunches for the week, planned my dinner, food schedule and exercise diary until the end of January. I love the fact that I have lists… It makes it so much easier for tasks to be executed!

Also, on a really quick side note! I came across a travel blog… As you know I love travelling and try to get away at least once a year. I came across a blog and it talked about a challenge they did in 2014 called Take12Trips. It is pretty self-explanatory and it is referring to taking 12 trips over the next 12 months… This is one trip a month! Now these trips don’t have to be full-blown holidays, they can be long weekends away and don’t even have to be outside of the country. I was thinking about trying to take on this challenge. I have trips planned for this year so I could incorporate those… But these things take a lot of planning and logistics so I will have to consider it all very carefully!

I think that is my week in review as I remember it… I am sorry, I forgot to compile photos, but I will try to have a photo grid to include next Sunday!

Have an amazing week 🙂 xoxo

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 11, 2015.

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  1. So this bloke sounds well weird, coming in about help with an essay then getting all crazy? Was he off his meds? Lucky you had security to call.

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