Food, Clothes and Cars..

We have been eating non-stop in our house for 4 days now. There has also been a steady stream of people going through for the same amount of time. I’ve wanted to relax and get some work done this break, but I don’t know how possible that will be.. I haven’t had time since I got home and I don’t know if I’ll have time before I go back to work in January.. I definitely have to make time over the next few days.

Tomorrow I have been invited to a 50th birthday thanksgiving service. I bought an outfit that I have resigned myself to the fact that won’t arrive in time for the event, so I bought a backup – or a replacement outfit in this case – only to find that in the holidays, delivery is a little slower and that is not going to arrive either.
I think I have a back up outfit for the replacement outfit, but it is a little short so I am a little hesitant about it. Are you still with me? Ha ha.. Basically, I am out early tomorrow morning and I have nothing to wear. I hate shopping.

I think I said before that I am currently on the hunt for a new car. I found a few that interested me and have been calling all day and all day the number to call has been busy.. All day. It’s quite frustrating as I keep finding ones that I like then in my inquiries I struggle to get further.. But I will get there.. It is taking longer than I thought.. But I will definitely get there 🙂
I see a shiny new car in my future!

The end of the year is nigh.. Although it doesn’t feel like it.. I feel airy.. Floaty.. Also quite a few of my friends got engaged on Christmas Day.. More weddings in the next 2 years? This makes me so excited you cannot imagine! *Does the victory dance*

I hope you have all had a lovely boxing day and didn’t get caught in the snow.. Or rain 😛 xo

~ by originalapplejunkie on December 26, 2014.

8 Responses to “Food, Clothes and Cars..”

  1. Sounds like it has been a fun-filled few days! I hope you get the perfect car for you 🙂

    • It is so hard doing car shopping!
      I think I will have to leave the one I was originally looking at as I can only assume that it has been sold as she isn’t responded to my emails and the phone line busy for 4 days now..
      I will get one!

      • Yeah be wary of impulse buying and getting conned by private sellers. I hope you’re taking someone around with you know knows what to look out for?

      • You can’t impulse buy on a car! Do people do that?!
        I’m out with my dad..

      • In addition I know a lot about cars for a girl.. Very well versed!

      • Would you believe I’ve done that in the past? O.o Bought the first car we came across which looked ok to us and paid cash. A week later it broke down on the motorway and we were towed to our friends in Leicester. The car wasn’t worth repairing and several parts had been ‘bodged’ together to con the unwary (like us!). First and last time we bought from a private seller 🙂

      • That has happened once, years ago and that was because my dad wasn’t there to check it over and I didn’t have my license to do my test checks. It ended up being worthless, brakes failed in the rain and I almost crashed and it ended up being scrapped!
        We check everything, under the hood, tyres.. I have a list of things to check.. Bought from a private seller before.. That was the only time it was haphazard..

      • Well done – I know who to bring with me then the next time I need to buy a car! 😉

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