I have been swept off my feet since arriving home on Friday evening. Technically, I have been here now for two days.. What I have covered in that time is amazing! I’ve been attending to appointments, spent some time out at the spa, done all my food shopping for my dinner party, been to a Carols concert and have also been car shopping with my father. Car shopping! Yay.. I will finally be getting a car – which everyone will admit is long overdue. I have been saving for ages, and I finally found some time to sit my dad down and show him all the cars I was looking at buying. To say he was impressed at my suggestions would be an understatement and later on we will be going on to a dealership 🙂
On to other news, I will make all the desserts for my Tuesday dinner party tomorrow as well as marinate my meat for cooking on Tuesday and prep everything that can be prepped in advance to save myself some cooking time on the day. I am starting to get nervous. I always think that what I am making won’t be enough to feed all my guests and it is usually a lot more than I realise. It will be nice to see my friends. Some of them I probably haven’t seen since my last Christmas party.. But have spoken to.. Anyway, it is going to be good I hope.
I will try to show you some pictures of the night.. And the chaos that is my kitchen tomorrow. That’s probably a lie.. I don’t work in chaos.. I will show you an orderly kitchen and possibly a row of completed desserts and marinating meat.. And probably my lasagne if you’re lucky 😛

There is a strange tickle in my throat.. It is nothing more than that really.. Just a tickle. Seeming as I never get sick ever (honestly.. I never do!) is this what the start of a cold/sore throat/cough feels like? It’s probably not.. But I honestly have no idea..! I’ve only had it for a day and a bit.. and it just creeps up every now and again.. Strange in that respect..

I have a lot of plans over these holidays.. I hope I get to do them all – I am working around getting better in Portuguese and also completing work for my classes! I think I need to get to sleep so that I can get to work early! 🙂

Oh the life of a busy bee.. 😀

~ by originalapplejunkie on December 21, 2014.

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