The year is winding down.. And in its doing so, my office at work is moving..
I will go from sharing a room with four other women to sharing an open plan office with twelve others!
There will be seventeen of us in total, but the other 5 women are managers and will have their own offices..
I’m not sure about how I feel about going from an essentially “closed” office plan to an open one. We have already been told that we cannot have hot food at our desks, which I understand – But now this means I will have to leave my desk for lunch on most days.. And that would be fine but the only other places to eat are these large open plan communal spaces. At lunch I like my privacy of sleeping for an hour if I want to, eating, working out and whatever else I like to do.. Alone. I am also slightly disturbed at the announcement of gender neutral bathroom facilities. I know we are all adults, but I find that really weird. If I use public toilets – and that is a BIG if, I’d much rather prefer shuffling past a woman than a man.. It’s already weird if I do choose to use the toilet and someone else from my office is in there and we mutually avoid eye contact..

Don’t even get me started about general noise and the office temperature..!

Everyone is packing everything up. It’s like when I was a student and I had to move house every year.
One of the managers ordered 100 boxes between all us.. So we get something like 5 boxes each and any extra will go towards paperwork. I have packed up my desk, drawers, computer and everything extra (including my desk minion) into one box. ONE. BOX. Everyone else has at least 3. I guess I’m just a minimalist.

The transition period in moving from this office to the new one is from Wednesday – Thursday, so by Friday we should have fully moved over and be unpacked in time to start trading again from Friday – then Christmas break!

This has been timed well 😛
I will let you know how it goes when it goes.. And I’ll definitely keep you updated on the office progress!

~ by originalapplejunkie on December 15, 2014.

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