Oh Amsterdam..

Please take me back.. Amazing city.. Food.. I need to get a job that will pay me to travel the world!!


Canals.. Bikes.. Cafés.. What else do you need? 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on December 9, 2014.

15 Responses to “Dam..”

  1. I have very similar feeling toward one of my favorite cities. It’s impossible to get lost in thanks to all the canals being arranged in concentric circles.

    Have you gone to Nam Kee?

    • I went to Nam Kee!
      I went by myself though because no one else wanted to go with me!
      I also went to an amazing Thai place.. But I cannot remember what it was called.. But we ate there two evenings in a row it was that good!
      What is your favourite city?
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • oh gosh! That changes with the day of the week! It’s difficult because I’ve still got a bunch for the list.

        Amsterdam is in the top three, Madrid’s superb yet frequently overlooked for the vastly inferior Barçelona.

        I’d have to think about it…I’d like to see Ghent & more of Scandinavia.

      • Ghent is beautiful.. My sister lived in Belgium for a year and I visited when she was there 🙂
        I have never been to Scandinavia though.. I would like to visit Sweden.. My sister recently visited Norway for a retreat 🙂
        I do like Amsterdam.. Portugal I think is top on my list of European countries.. Only because I spent so much time there and made so many friends.. AND Lisbon is a beautiful city 🙂

      • Really? I liked Porto better you could just walk over to Gaia and drink yourself silly on Port. Coimbra, Tulum, and Casçais were gorgeous too…really dug Casçais.

      • I never went to Porto.. I did visit the Algarve though.. The Port was good.. Casçais was lovely.. quite far from Lisbon though.. but the trips were always worth it.. Beach was also nice..

      • we stayed in an old hotel in Casçais so the commute was short

  2. Come up to beautiful Birmingham, more canals than Venice, more trees than Paris…need I go on?
    I’ve actually banned myself from going to Amsterdam, nothing good ever came of my visits hehehe.

  3. If you find one, let me know – I want that job too! :-/

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