Christmas is in 17 days.. But to be honest, it’s not Christmas I am counting down to.. It is 2015.

I cannot believe how fast a year goes. I feel like as you get older it is as if you are running on a hamster wheel that steadily speeds up over time.
I am not going to start on how hard the year has been or the things that have happened. I am just shocked at the idea of the fact that it is nearly over. 365 days. That is A LOT of days.. If I didn’t know.. I’d say there were 200 in a year.
There is a countdown to resolutions.. Promises.. Things that people are going to commit to change. I’m not like that though.. I never make resolutions. I see the appeal of them.. A new year, a new start kind of thing.. But for me if you are constantly waiting for a new year to have a new start you will get nowhere quickly.

I am welcoming of the new year. I can write a whole paragraph about why it is going to be different and better.. But I know it will be the same. Things will change.. But it won’t be the start of a new year that starts that. I have been working towards my goals; in life, all year. From December 31st over to January 1st.. The only thing that will change for me is the date. I will still work towards what I am working towards now.. I will hopefully be a little closer by then. I won’t make resolutions to go to the gym more.. Or make new friends.. Or get that car I want. I will continue on being me in the hope that I will get better as time goes on and I’ll make those friends and get that car regardless..

There is a countdown in my mind.. Not to signify something new, but to continue working on something I have been working on for years. Think of it as a flow of water, a tap that has been left on. My mind knows it will be a new year, but will work as it has been.. Perhaps maybe even better.

So Christmas is in 17 days.. The New Year in 24..

Bring. It. On.

~ by originalapplejunkie on December 8, 2014.

4 Responses to “Countdown..”

  1. I’ve never failed to keep a resolution, basically because it’s the same one every year – to be a cheeky little bleeder.

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