I am still having trouble sleeping.

It seems like when something stops, something else starts.
Recently, there has been a barrage of incidents – with the latest involving my dad breaking his ankle.

It was Saturday morning. I was off to the hairdressers to get my hair done and ended up walking to the salon because it’s not too far from where I live. As I didn’t take the bus down, I didn’t realise until I had finished that I had left my Oyster card at home. Not wanting to walk all the way back and having an appointment to keep for 12 midday, I called home to see if someone could bring it for me.
It was arranged for it to be brought to me and I waited at the salon. During that time my dad – who was at home asleep – called me to ask me where I was, telling me that he would bring it for me. I told him he didn’t need to and apologised for getting him out of bed on his rest day – he said it wasn’t a problem and he came to give it to me.
After giving me my Oyster card and dropping me off at the station he went back home to get ready to go jogging. He jogs a few times a week to keep fit and healthy in the park that is right by our house. So he went jogging as he usually does and he noticed a dog. When he sees a dog, he usually also sees the owner, but this time it was just a dog on its own. He continued running and thought the dog would run off when he went towards it. He soon realised that the dog was not going to move. When he realised this, he began running and the dog in turn started chasing him.
Long story short, he ended up falling over himself to get away from the dog and breaking his ankle in two places. The woman who owned the dog eventually caught up with my dad and told her that her dog could not have caused such a thing because it was so young – and then left him there on the ground, turned her back and walked away with the dog.
My dad was left in pain with a broken ankle having to try to get himself home. In trying to get back, he fell over again. Not having his phone on him and with there not being anyone else around, he managed; a considerable amount of time later, to get to the house where an ambulance was called.
As the ambulance service was so busy, and expecting it to be a strain, they didn’t send an ambulance out as they did not have enough. My dad waited for 3 hours before they called again and arranged for him to go to Accident and Emergency. When he got there (with my mum in tow) he had to wait a few more hours before being seen and the doctors determining he needed to be moved to the Acute Assessment Unit to get some x-rays done. After this they confirmed that it was broken and fitted him with a temporary cast as his foot was still swollen. I got to the hospital later on and met with the doctor as he was taking down notes of what occurred.
I would be lying if I said that I am not annoyed at the woman who was in the park with her dog not on a leash when they are supposed to be leased. I would also be lying if I said that I wasn’t angry at the fact that she left my dad there on the ground without helping and just walked off.
I like to think everyone would be helpful and kind (as you can recall in the post I did last week about the man laying on the ground and everyone walked past) as fellow human beings. It hurts me to think that what I would do for someone without a second thought someone couldn’t do for my dad.
I also am annoyed because if I didn’t leave my Oyster card at home, my dad would have gotten up later and missed the dog in the park and none of this would have happened.

We have to wait and see now. My dad will either have a cast fixed on for 6 weeks, or he may need to have an operation to have some plates and screws fitted to hold the bones in place and then get a cast fitted.

I hope that it is just the former..

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 17, 2014.

4 Responses to “Exhausted..”

  1. How awful. I think that woman should be prosecuted on a similar basis to a hit and run driver. She ought to be in very serious trouble and I’m fairly certain the law would take her to task over this.
    I can understand you beating yourself up over this but just think – if he had gone at his usual time he might have been run over or mugged or a lot of other things much worse than a broken ankle (horrible though that is). The fact is what happened happened and it is a woman not looking after her dog properly which is to blame – not your forgetfulness!

    • I doubt that anything will happen to her.
      My dad said he sees her often, but she was obviously too far away from the dog to call it back if she saw something was happening.
      Just annoyed at the fact that she didn’t help or even assume a fraction of the responsibility. It’s your dog YOU are responsible.
      Well not you.. but you know..

      • She shouldn’t have had the dog off the leash though in the first place. Your father could press charges and probably win – not saying he should but that she should realise that and think twice in future.

      • I don’t think that my dad is one to press charges though.. He’s too nice..
        Although my siblings are not being as polite!

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