Kalms Night

I have been trying to find remedies to help me sleep easier. I was watching TV and an advert (commercial for the rest of you!) came on for Kalms Night. I googled it and found that it may help. I got my outdoor clothes on, grabbed some keys and am now looking for where I can buy some of this.

I haven’t slept properly for going on 6 weeks next week. I need to figure this out before my body goes into overdrive and decides that it doesn’t like me. I am emotionally going through a lot at the moment which is probably the major contribution to my insomnia. I am now ready to fall back in love with my bed.. A bed.. Any bed!

I have a lot of plans this weekend.. I expect to be fatigued.. So fatigued I collapse into a heap and into a deep slumber. Worst case scenario: I’m staring at another ceiling.. Just in a different city.

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “Kalms Night”

  1. This sleeping problem seems to be becoming a constant problem. I do hope it rectifies soon :-/

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