Ramblings.. #Gym time..

I am planning on going to the gym later on tonight.

I am going tonight because I “woke up” this morning with a headache and decided I would lay in bed. This isn’t something that I usually do but I was so tired.
I put woke up in inverted commas because I had to have been sleeping to wake up but I was definitely already awake.

Over recent weeks I have been going through a lot of changes.. Changes that have been affecting my mood, appetite and sleep. I thought over time that it would begin to improve but it hasn’t. It seems the love affair I had with my bed has been placed on hold until I can figure out my body, emotions and thoughts.

I will not pretend as if everything has been hunky dory, because it hasn’t and that’s okay – well it’s not, but I am working on that – I think my problems start when all I do is think about that thing. It plagues me and causes me sleepless nights, loss of appetite and general exhaustion.

It’s so easy to speak to someone and ask them how they are and listen to a response, but when was the last time you actually spoke to someone and genuinely cared about the response. I realised that not everyone wants to know and generally most are asking to be polite.. I’ve experienced that and because of it experience has taught me to keep my mouth shut.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m going to the gym tonight and I hope that these things that are plaguing me get forgotten for at least an hour. Frustrations are left in the weights I’m lifting or on the machine I’m working at and I can go home and rest.

Broken sleep for 5 weeks is exhausting..

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 12, 2014.

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