Back to life..

Back in the UK and curled up in bed.

Amsterdam was an okay trip.. A beautiful city. I got back last night at 11:45pm and was so tired I dumped my bag, took a shower, got into bed and couldn’t sleep. I was so tired from all the travelling but I couldn’t switch my mind off.

On the way up from London I sat on the train trying to relax and stay awake. I can’t sleep on moving things.. Planes, trains, buses, coaches.. None. It’s due to previous childhood trauma.. But anyway. I was sat on the train speaking with a lovely couple sat in the chairs opposite me and also to a girl sat beside me. The train had been stopped for several minutes before we’d realised. Moments after the conductor started speaking over the tannoy.. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately we are being held here as we are being told that there is a suicidal person wanting to jump on the bridge ahead. Police are on the scene trying to calm the situation and we will be on our way shortly.” Everyone gasped. Everyone in my carriage at least. It’s sad when someone has gotten to a stage where they feel like they have no other way out and want to end it.. Even more sad when they feel that they’re so alone that they can’t talk through how they are feeling with anyone. About 20 minutes later we started moving again. The conductor came back on the tannoy to announce that the person had been removed from the bridge safely and was being “carted away by the police” – his words not mine! We were happy that they were safe..

I had a long weekend.. It was probably not as relaxing as it could have been. I saw the Van Gogh exhibition which has to be the highlight of this trip. He was so talented.. And also troubled. The exhibition took us all the way from his Early Years to his year spent in the Asylum to his eventual death. Hands down best day. I learnt a lot about Van Gogh and would love to see the exhibition again if I could 🙂

I may go back to Amsterdam alone for a visit.. See what I can get up to.. 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Back to life..”

  1. Your travelling is always so eventful Apple! Good that no one died on your journey and holiday even if suicide was a common theme!

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