Mini break

As I type this I am on my way to Amsterdam.
Why not?
I think I have earned an extended weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday.. So it’s not a holiday.. More a mini-break.
I’ve never been to Amsterdam.. So it should be good. I’m going with one of my really good friends and we’ll be meeting some of his family/friends out there.
For some reason, when I think of Amsterdam I think of a Brussels-type city. I visited Belgium a few times some years ago when my sister lived there and I loved it!
I don’t know where this travelling bug came from.. But I’m indulging it.. Should I be? Ignore that question.. It wasn’t a serious one!
I have a few places that I would like to see in Amsterdam. I also want to hire a bike and eat all the food!
We’ll see how much we get through in one weekend.. I’m guessing that it will be a lot!
Let the adventures begin..!


~ by originalapplejunkie on October 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “Mini break”

  1. I’ve never been either but always wanted to. I hope you have a wonderful time Apple 😉

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