Technology no more!

Yesterday stressed out was not the word!

For over an hour I sat down in front of the washing machine typing up a post. If you’ve read my post from a few days ago, you’d know I’m struggling with the WordPress app on my iPhone as well as not having access to the computer and just having a dodgy phone in general. So I sat down for an hour typing up my post within notes before I would copy and paste it into the WordPress page I brought up online using my phone. Does this make sense?
Anyway, I finished typing this post and logged into the web version of WordPress within the browser. I tapped the screen waiting for the paste icon to appear. Nothing. I tapped it again assuming I hadn’t done it correctly the first time. Still nothing. I tried to type into the box and couldn’t see the cursor or what I was typing. I began to get frustrated.

Side note: I definitely think that WordPress is plotting against me!

I tried a lot of things and nothing was working. I gave up typing and threw my phone in the other directon! It turned itself off.. *surprise surprise* deleting the note and publishing whatever it was I’d written in invisible ink.
That post has since been removed!

Something’s got to give! I either need a new laptop or a new phone! I don’t see WordPress fixing the bugs on this app any time soon!

I have created some posts and put them on adaptive release before I can get back into work on Monday to create some more.

Tech problems over.. For now!


~ by originalapplejunkie on October 23, 2014.

4 Responses to “Technology no more!”

  1. [ Smiles ] It appears to me that you need to get a new MacBook Pro.

    Okay, before purchasing a new laptop try this:

    Uninstall the WordPress app from your iPhone and reinstall it; that usually helps.

    • I don’t have a MacBook Pro.. If I did then I’m sure that I wouldn’t have any problems!

      I tried what you said and I think it works..
      I’m definitely still getting a new laptop though.. I’m tired of the inconvenience that is failing technology..

  2. I can sympathise. While in Bangladesh I often had wasted hours trying to upload a post. I was driven pretty close to tears at points…

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