Little Tokyo

I went to a lovely Japanese restaurant this evening for dinner to celebrate my housemates birthday.
The restaurant was called Little Tokyo.
It has the best Japanese food and we always end up there if there is something to celebrate.. Or if we just want food!
For starters I had Dim Sum Sui Mai (one of my favourites), main I had a beef fillet teriyaki bento box and for dessert I opted for what I thought was orange sorbet and was told was orange sorbet and I don’t think it was. To drink I had a cocktail called Oriental Breeze that comprised of a mix of vodka, cranberry juice, lychee and lime. It was quite tasty.. It was just a small glass that seemed to be filled with more ice than cocktail.
After that whole meal I found that I was still hungry?! What?! My stomach was acting like a bottomless pit of nothingness.. Like I hadn’t just eaten all of what I’d eaten.. I don’t think it was actually that much to be fair.
I’m now back home.. Laying in bed.. Thinking I probably should have taken some to go..
That would have been a splendid idea..
We will probably almost definitely be back there soon.. It’s really just a matter of when! I feel a dim sum urge coming on.. 😀

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 11, 2014.

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