Her perceptions are just those.. Perceptions..
The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses..
Her senses..
Over and over she played the same song until it was replaced by another
And; unintentionally, she found herself making excuses for her mind.
She was a prisoner
Trapped in the only thing she knew.. Beliving and;
Wishing that it all made sense but it didn’t.
She tried to hold onto what she was used to and for a while.. She was fulfilled.. She existed.
After that while, as quickly as things rose they began to fall
Brick by brick..
Stone after stone collapsing to form a nothingness that was once her everything
Her happiness once a constant now hinging on memories of what used to be.
She refused to resign herself to what she believed to be her previous existence, but it seemed the fight was one that she had already given up..
Not expecting to fail but not understanding how she could possibly win.
Life stopped making sense.. She just can’t remember when
She’s become bland.. Inconsistent..
And that was it
She questioned whether anyone would miss her if she just left..
As much as they’d remembered her then can only mirror how she’d be seen now..
She contemplates everything.. Nothing.. And the space in between. Wonders if there’ll be a use for someone like her..
Whether her absence would make a difference.. Constantly wondering if she’ll ever leave a big enough mark on her world.. Or anyone else’s.
These are her perceptions.

~ by originalapplejunkie on September 29, 2014.

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