So when went out there I am now sure that I am obsessed with slushie drinks!
What’s a slushie?!
It’s just liquid heaven! I got mine with a mix of blue raspberry and kiwi strawberry.. Two flavour mix every time.. It was so good and I had at least one every single day.. Yes. Every day.
On the second Tuesday we were there and went to the cinema. They offered slushies so of course I got one.. Then he brought out this

This was the smallest size that they had. Smallest?! But it doesn’t even look that big you say to yourself.. It was!
I asked to see the bigger cups and almost fainted. This size looked like permanent brain freeze.. I mean for at least an hour anyway.. So I got it.
Please don’t judge me!
It was sooo good! It took me over two hours to finish it and to be fair I had to throw some of it away in the end because it was a lot.
Bottom line?
I think I am getting slushie withdrawals..! It has been way too long since I’ve had one and I’m starting to forget the taste of their sweet nectar.
Uurgh! I’m such an addict! I’m so ashamed!

~ by originalapplejunkie on September 8, 2014.

11 Responses to “Slushies”

  1. Your bladder must be cast iron! Also I reckon that when you leave this mortal coil, the amount of additives and preservatives in those things means your body will never rot. Bonus!

  2. Oh man…I’ve not had a slushie in like YEARS! I want one again 🙂

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