Runyon Canyon

So today we climbed Runyon canyon. It was amazing!
We set off into the park at 4:08pm and got back to the bottom just before 6:00pm. It was a challenging climb.. I didn’t struggle too much, but I haven’t done a climb like that in just over a year.. But it was okay. We went up one side of the canyon before deciding that we wanted to get to the other side before heading down.. I wish I could show you how big it was.. This was the view from one of the peaks

How crazy is that?!
It was hot and sticky and people were running past me, jogging, walking numerous dogs and generally just enjoying themselves. I spoke to a lot if people on the way up and the way down.. They were all lovely!
It’s been such a great day and I would love to climb Runyon canyon again in the future!
If you’re ever in LA.. If you like that kind of challenge then it is definitely something for you to try!

Yes, I was concentrating so hard on my walk that I managed to take a photograph of myself! Don’t be fooled! After this the phone went away.. Those rocks got tough!
Have a lovely day!

~ by originalapplejunkie on September 5, 2014.

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