I’ve packed all my things ready to head back home this weekend. I have found some scales but am worried about checking how much it weighs.
I have checked online to see how much excess luggage is being charged at and I have decided that I can’t |won’t| pay.. I doubt I’ll be over though!

Today we went to Santa Monica beach.. It was beautiful!
I did get sunburned a little bit.. But it is definitely not as bad as I’ve had it in the past. I honestly will have to keep working on this because being sunburned is not the greatest!

After all that walking, I am pooped.. And I should really start getting ready for bed..

I don’t want to come back just yet 😦

~ by originalapplejunkie on September 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Bags..”

  1. I can imagine you don’t want to return! Sorry that you have to – I hope it’s reaffirmed your desire to spend longer abroad – I think that will be good for you 🙂

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