Day One

Yesterday was such a busy day!
We’d been travelling for a long time.. The flight alone was over 12 hours (not including the stopover in Paris) but we’ve finally made it to Los Angeles!
We didn’t sleep the whole of the flight and when we got off we had to wait a while to get through passport control.. After that we went through customs and it took us all of 1 minute to collect our luggage and we were off!
We were supposed to get a bus to near where we supposed to be staying. When we got to where the bus was waiting we found that they only took credit card and not cash so we had to figure out a different way to get to where we needed to be.
It took a while! But after landing at 1:10pm and getting out of the airport at 2:30 (I think!) we got to where we were staying in downtown LA at 6pm!
We dropped our stuff off, had showers and went out to grab some dinner 🙂
We got back, had another shower then climbed into bed!
As crazy as day one was.. I am excited to be here and I can’t wait for the next two weeks!
I hope you are all amazing!

Sending my love from LA!

This was our view when we stepped out of the airport..


~ by originalapplejunkie on August 27, 2014.

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