I am not thankful enough.

Today when I heard the news of the passing of Robin Williams I knew that I needed to value life and actions in life more than I do.
I need to speak up when something is bothering me and realise that it is okay to not be okay sometimes.

I remember watching Robin Williams and loving his character, his personality and charm. I was beyond saddened to hear about his passing because it indicates to me – if the speculated cause of death is confirmed – he was suffering and had been for a while. He knew no peace.. and I can relate to what that feels like.

My heart hurts for him.. For his pain and his battle.
I am not thankful enough.
Things affecting others may not always be what you can see on the surface. Take time to learn about and love on the people in your world.. You never know what they are going through and when they may need you the most.

Appreciate.. Love.. Be kind.. Listen.. And learn.


~ by originalapplejunkie on August 12, 2014.

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