Healthy also = tasty!

I’m sorry I keep showing you all the lovely food I am making (then eating).. But I must share otherwise that means I am keeping all good things to myself!
So.. Even though today was supposed to be my rest day from working out.. I found myself at the gym.. And I can’t remember how I got there.. Lol.. I’m kidding.. I walked.. Ha ha!
I’d built up an appetite.. Before finishing I was thinking about what I would make when I got back.. The gym is only 10 minutes away from the apartment.. Anyway.. I came up with my all inventive favourite of baked salmon and broccoli.. Yay(!).. And I’d have that with some eggs.. Because protein and all that jazz.
I got home and lo and behold.. No more eggs.. Even though there were 5 left last night.. Anyway. I had cherry tomatoes in the fridge.. Onions in the cupboard.. Broccoli in the freezer and a few other nick naks. I decided to be inventive!
I ended up steaming my broccoli, sweating my tomatoes and onions in a little water to soften them before seasoning and flash frying them in some olive oil. I then added the broccoli so all the juices from the seasoned veg were combined 🙂 whilst I did this, the salmon was in the oven.
My salmon is always simple I add cracked black pepper, a little salt, some soy sauce and sriracha sauce before putting it in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
This was the end result:

It tasted amazing!
Definitely one to add to my cookbook of post workout 20 minute meals.. As well as to my meals of life!
I love food.. I love cooking.. But I just really love food.. And making food, which isn’t the same as cooking but could be perceived as so because it is..
Did you get that?
Breakdown: I like food!

Night all!x

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 6, 2014.

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