You are beautiful..

Every morning I get up, work out and have my breakfast. I usually then take a shower before starting on my lunch and then begin getting ready for work.

I have the same routine every day – unless I am having a rest day from working out – and it runs like clockwork.

I walk to work. Before leaving I check if the trash needs to be taken out and if it does I’ll grab it on the way because I’m going down there so why not.

It takes me around 20 minutes to walk to work.. Sometimes I leave 10 minutes earlier so I can have a leisurely stroll.

Every day when I get to work I say hello to the cleaners.. Without fail.. Every morning – unless there is no one there to say hi to.. then I just high-five myself and tell me I’m awesome.. *he he*

One more I got to work and I said hello.. as I do.. and one of the cleaners looked up at me and said “Oh! You are looking very beautiful today!”

That caught me off guard. I laughed, said thank you and continued up the stairs to my office.

Since that morning, every morning he saw me, he told me I was beautiful – or some variation on that.

I stopped this morning and asked him why he always said something to me when I walked past. This is what he said “People are not told enough. Children grow up and are made to think that what they see on TV is who they are supposed to be like, but a lot of those people are not good role models. If young ladies saw their value and worth are in who they are, as opposed to who they wish they were, this world would be nicer. I tell my granddaughters every day that they are beautiful. I tell my grandsons that they are handsome. I tell them they can be anything that they put their minds to and to always be themselves before anyone else..”

I think at this point my mouth was hanging open. He continued speaking for a little while longer before leaving me to continue up to my office.

I’ve thought about it all day. Not the fact that he tells me I’m beautiful.. or that I look nice today, but because of his reasoning behind it.

He’s such a lovely gentleman.


That is my post for today.. It feels like a random one.. But it’s not.. in my mind it makes sense and due to that fact I though that it would be something nice to share. I say hi to people.. whether I know them or not. That will never change, sometimes I will have a random day where I will go up to someone and tell them something that I like about them.. I don’t do it enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, know your worth.

You are precious and you are beautiful.

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “You are beautiful..”

  1. Well said – by both of you 🙂

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