Turkey Burgers..

Today I made bunless turkey burgers (I don’t do bread) with sweet potato fries and I had them with a handful of spinach and 3 cherry tomatoes that I’d cut in half..

I love cooking.. Baking.. Making things and feeding others.. It makes me happy.. Immensely.

I haven’t made turkey burgers in a while.. So I got started early.
I diced some red onion, jalapeño and garlic before sweating them in a little oil and water in a frying pan to soften them.

Whilst that was sweating away I broke up the raw turkey mince into a bowl and set it aside. I added the onions and the rest to the bowl before adding oregano, smoked paprika, mustard, an egg yolk and some adobo seasoning.
I mixed it altogether and formed two 260g/0.57lbs patties before putting them in the freezer to solidify before grilling them – turkey burgers don’t hold as well as lean beef mince ones, so they need to be slightly hard before cooking so they don’t disintegrate. Anyway.. After putting the patties in the freezer, I started on the sweet potato fries. I oiled them and added salt and pepper before setting them on a baking tray and popping them in the oven. After about 10 minutes I checked on them and decided that it was time to start on the burgers. As I was baking the fries, I realised I couldn’t grill the burgers at the same time.. So I decided to use my grill pan on the hob.

After about 30 additional minutes, everything was cooked!
I hadn’t made turkey burgers in a while so I was worried that they wouldn’t be great.. But they tasted amazing! As previously stated, I added a handful of spinach and 3 halved cherry tomatoes and to that a capful of balsamic vinegar (I love the stuff!) and that was food done!

Sorry about the half eaten photo! I forgot I needed to take a picture of the end result before I’d started to eat it..!
I hope you all had a good day!

No one said healthy food can’t be tasty.. What did you eat today??? 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 2, 2014.

6 Responses to “Turkey Burgers..”

  1. I’m still waiting for that dinner invite Apple 😉 Your cooking is immense! You leave me feeling like I haven’t eaten for days when you do a food post 🙂

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