More random sentences..

I woke up this morning and immediately wanted to go back to sleep.

Instead I got up and worked out. Then I started on breakfast.. And lunch.
The sun isn’t playing out anymore and that makes me sad.. But not really because that means I can wear more layers 😛

I am fighting the urge to take a nap as I feel like I have been drugged and need to sleep it off. I certainly haven’t.. But I still want a nap.
Dinner is at 8 tonight.. So I have an hour and a half still to wait.. Which means I can’t even begin prep until 7:30..
I’m bored.

I have no laptop so I can’t even watch anything.. Or play Tetris. Or do any work/research/work. I said that twice. Ha.

Did I say I’m bored 😦


~ by originalapplejunkie on July 30, 2014.

4 Responses to “More random sentences..”

  1. How about drawing the curtains (very important for what I am about to suggest!), putting on your favourite album, grabbing your hairbrush and pretending you’re live on stage in front of thousands at Glastonbury? Sing your arse off through every track, dance moves if required, the lot. Of course I’ve never done anything like that….ahem

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but.. I never draw my curtains..or put down my blinds in my case.. I have no laptop so I currently can’t listen to music and I don’t use hairbrushes.
      That being said.. I don’t need to pretend I’m a rock star when I already am 😛
      I do all that you mentioned with blinds up and a full audience from the building opposite mine.. I mean.. I can’t deny my fans!

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